Pietro Lombardi: love comeback with Laura Maria Rypa

A year ago he was still moping about Laura Maria Rypa

Pietro Lombardi celebrates love comeback

Pietro Lombardi is in love again! On Instagram he confirms what his fans have long suspected: he and Laura Maria Rypa give their love another chance!

Published: 21 minutes ago

So what! Rumors circulated again and again as to whether Pietro Lombardi (30) and ex-girlfriend Laura Maria Rypa (26) were a couple again. Now the musician confirms the love comeback on Instagram. “There was a lot of speculation and we made no secret of the fact that we spend time and appreciate each other. From today on we will no longer make a secret of the fact that we are a couple », he writes to a picture that shows the two very much in love.

It was the right moment to go public with it. Lombardi adds: “We just enjoy the time.”