Pietro Lombardi shows his plauze and wants to work hard on himself

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Pietro Lombardi shows his plauze and wants to work hard on himself
Pietro Lombardi shows his upper body and openly admits “I’m fat” © Screenshot/Instagram/pietrolombardi

DSDS winner Pietro Lombardi shows himself shirtless on Instagram. But instead of a six-pack, a very nice plauze appears. Relentlessly honest, the singer admits: “I’m fat”.

Cologne – Pietro Lombardi (29; all news on the topic page) is one of the most successful German singers and is well received by his fans with his warm personality. The DSDS star is always extremely honest – he proved that again on May 11 on Instagram. In his story, he reveals to his followers that he has gained a lot of weight in recent months. He now wants to declare war on the excess kilos.

Pietro Lombardi shows himself shirtless on Instagram

Pietro Lombardi is not only regularly on stage and produces one hit after the other, but has also built up a community on Instagram. Over two million people are already following the 2011 DSDS winner. At the same time, Piet insists on chatting out of the box from time to time.

Relentlessly honest, he now admits that he currently has one or two kilos too much on his hips. He shows off his upper body in front of a mirror – it becomes clear: Pietro’s own ice cream not only seems to taste good to his fans – the singer is also a big fan. Because his stomach has changed quite a bit in recent months.

“I’m fat”: Pietro Lombardi shows his plaque and wants to work hard on himself

“Team Lombardi, from behind you think: ‘I’m incredibly well built’, but the closer I get, we face the truth – I’m fat,” Pietro Lombardi tells his followers in his Instagram story from May 11th . “In any case, that was the bare truth. I always show my top up in my stories because I’m pretty well built, but my hips are complete garbage cans and that definitely needs work on,” he adds afterwards.

However, he also seems to be interested in the opinions of his followers: “You have to be honest: More like a man with a six-pack, or a belly?” He lets his female fans vote. The result: quite a few women actually seem to prefer a man with a small belly. But Pietro still seems to want to work on himself in the next few weeks. We are excited for the result!

But not only the body should be back in shape soon, the hair of the DSDS star was also recently on the collar. Pietro Lombardi surprised with platinum blonde hair. Sources used: Instagram.com/pietrolombardi