Pietro Lombardi takes on Ron Bielecki after the “low earner” escapade: “Point, off, end”

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Pietro Lombardi takes on Ron Bielecki after the “low earner” escapade: “Point, off, end”
Pietro Lombardi took on YouTuber Ron Bielecki after he freaked out at a Rammstein concert in Berlin. © Imago Images / Instagram

At a Rammstein concert in Berlin, YouTuber Ron Bielecki (23) insulted a man as a “low earner” in the live stream. After public criticism, DSDS winner Pietro Lombardi now speaks out: “Point, off, end”.

Berlin – This guy also annoys DSDS star Pietro Lombardi (here all the news). But what happened? Ron Bielecki has been one of the most unpopular influencers in Germany since Monday. His wild insults against a strange man, in which Ron Bielecki insulted his counterpart as a “low earner”, brought the YouTuber a lot of criticism and bad PR.

After the “low earner” insult: Ron Bielecki justifies himself on Instagram

In a statement on Instagram, where the 23-year-old is followed by around 685,000 people, the mob justified himself. “Someone babbled on my father several times at the event and then I insulted someone out of emotions.” He was then thrown out and “roughly tackled” by security.

According to Ron Bielecki, “out of fear, I started the live stream because I know stories where others woke up in the hospital the next day.” In addition, the influencer “had two to three beers too many,” he admits. Ron Bielecki did not apologize to the man he insulted. “Some make an elephant out of a mosquito,” says the 23-year-old.

Pietro Lombardi takes on Ron Bielecki after the “low earner” insult: “Point out of the end”

DSDS winner Pietro Lombardi finds his Instagram colleague’s verbal gaffes completely wrong. Sarah Engels’ ex made that clear in his Instagram story on Tuesday.

“We are all the same”: With a long text message, Pietro Lombardi addressed warning words to Ron Bielecki. © Screenshot Instagram

“One should never forget where one comes from,” writes Pietro Lombardi. “Making fun of low-income earners is just weak. We are all the same. No one is better or worse just because you have more or less money in your account. Period, over, end.”

Will the warning words of the singer be heard by Ron Bielecki? The YouTuber has not yet responded to Pietro Lombardi’s words.

“You can’t do anything”: Pietro Lombardi annoyed by paparazzi on his doorstep

Pietro Lombardi is so well known that he is often recognized on the street. Now Pietro Lombardi discovered paparazzi right in front of his front door and sourly tells about it on Instagram. “Hope your pictures didn’t turn out so well,” he scolds. Sources used: instagram.com/pietrolombardi, instagram.com/ronbielecki