Pietro Lombardi: Trouble with Laura? “Absolutely Fooled”

Pietro Lombardi and his girlfriend Laura Maria are currently on cloud nine. They are expecting their first child together, will soon marry and move into a home together. And the singer is also doing very well professionally.

As part of filming the new season of DSDS, which will be broadcast in 2023, Pietro Lombardi will travel to Thailand for weeks. His girlfriend Laura Maria stays at home. After all, she also has a lot to do. Because her job during the absence of his loved one: coordinate the move.

Pietro Lombardi: Return from Thailand different than expected

Of course, after his return from Thailand, the singer is very much looking forward to seeing his pregnant girlfriend again after weeks. He is certainly also looking forward to the progress in the house. But he is wrong.

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Pietro and Laura are expecting their first child together.

As he now shows his fans on Instagram, there are still stacked boxes everywhere. The 30-year-old says: “You think the woman has already brought everything into the house and then you realize that you were absolutely wrong. Where to go with all that stuff?” Apparently he had imagined his return from Thailand differently.

But Pietro Lombardi has reason to be happy

But he also has a surprise waiting for him. As he shows in his Instagram story, he has fulfilled a wish. The singer has ordered a game table for himself and his family, on which a man can select a number of board games via touchscreen. Almost like an XXL tablet in the form of a table. Pietro says: “It’s finally here! And it’s also a small money box for the little ones.” Because you can only play for cash.

Everything seems to be fine between him and his loved one. Before going to bed, he films Laura brushing her teeth and shows the followers her now quite large baby bump.

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