Pietro Lombardi with honest words – “It’s really hard”

Pietro Lombardi can look back on a special year on New Year’s Eve!

The 30-year-old has girlfriend Laura by his side, both are expecting a child together and his tour this year was a complete success. But Pietro Lombardi does not take his luck for granted. This becomes clear once again when he reviews 2022 in his Instagram story.

Pietro Lombardi is happy about an “incredible year”

It’s been an “incredible year” for the 30-year-old. Both personally and professionally. And that’s why the singer wanted to take the time to say thank you to his fans on New Year’s Eve. “The loyalty I have is unbelievable,” he says in his Instagram story.

“I haven’t been around for a year and it’s really hard to survive in the business and I’ve made it this long with you guys,” the 30-year-old makes clear. Pietro Lombardi has been involved in show business since 2011. His career started at DSDS – today he fills the largest halls in Germany.

Pietro Lombardi: “I have everything I need”

It was not until March 2022 that the singer fulfilled one of his biggest musical dreams. He played a concert on his tour in Cologne’s Lanxess Arena in front of almost 12,500 spectators. A moment he won’t soon forget – and a success for which he worked hard and which is anything but self-evident for the singer himself. “Without you, this would never be possible,” says the 30-year-old.

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But not only career-wise things went well for Pietro Lombardi in 2022. His luck also seems perfect in his private life! Because he and Laura are expecting their child together. “It’s the best feeling because I love being a dad,” emphasizes the 30-year-old. “I have everything I need.” Then 2023 can come!