Pietro Lombardi’s children’s book “Dino Tino” in first place even before publication

Updated on 05/11/2022 at 16:15

  • Pietro Lombardi will soon be publishing his first children’s book.
  • Thanks to numerous pre-orders, his debut work is already number one on the bestseller list.

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As a singer, Pietro Lombardi has been enjoying great success for years, and he has also made a name for himself with his own flavor of ice cream and a clothing collection. Now he tries something new again and goes among the authors. With “Dino Tino and the secret music camp”, the DSDS star will soon be publishing his first children’s book.

The project is already a complete success. Although the story about the little dinosaur Dino Tino will only be published by Cologne-based Community Verlag on June 3, the children’s book is already number one on the bestseller list at bookseller Thalia after numerous pre-orders.

With the children’s book, the 2011 DSDS winner has fulfilled a long-cherished heart’s desire, as he says on Instagram. In doing so, he also had something to give him a hand. “It took me a long time to find the right partners and the right story,” he says.

Pietro Lombardi on his children’s book: “I’m speechless”

Pietro Lombardi, DSDS, Dieter Bohlen, Sarah Engels, Dino Tino
Pietro Lombardi publishes his first children’s book, “Dino Tino and the Secret Music Camp” (Community Editions Verlag).

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“Dino Tino and the secret music camp” is primarily a book to be read aloud, which takes the little ones to the island of Sauri to the singing-loving three-horned dinosaur Tino. Dino boy and his friends are trying to attend a music camp for his favorite band.

Pietro Lombardi is overjoyed at the great success of his first children’s book. “I wanted to thank you, I’m speechless, I’m overwhelmed, we’re number 1 bestseller of all books and in four other categories, I don’t know what I did to deserve it,” the 29-year-old cheers on Instagram.

Pietro Lombardi is not the first German-speaking musician to bring joy to young readers with a children’s book. In 2007, entertainer Roland Kaiser started his children’s book series “Die Giblinge” about friendly mythical creatures. Entertainer Ross Antony published the picture book “Mein Freund Button” together with bestselling author Sabine Zett. Maite Kelly writes herself into the hearts of her little readers with her children’s book series about the little “Hummel Bommel” – the series now includes 24 books. Her book “Püttchen und der Himmelskönig” about the little angel Püttchen will be published soon. (ch)
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