Pimpinela: “You have to claim love in all its facets”

Pimpinela celebrates its 40th anniversary with a tour in which they will go through the National Auditorium of Mexico City on March 26 in a moment of success among different generations, thanks to songs like “Traición”, which tells a romantic story between two men , in a display of defense of all kinds of love, expressed the Argentine duo this Thursday.

“Today we sing to equality because it is something that has finally opened, one cannot close one’s eyes to reality, we must claim love in all its facets, and we owed this one,” Joaquín said at a press conference in the Mexican capital. Galán, who together with his sister Lucía forms one of the most iconic Spanish music duos in recent decades.

“Betrayal” has almost 40 million views since it was published in March 2020 and Argentines are proud to have come this far with a story that makes diversity visible.

“We had never sung to a love of two people of the same gender and it was a wonderful experience,” said the artist.

Joaquín stressed that since their beginnings, in the 1980s, they have sung about contemporary themes, consistent with the times in which they lived, and almost always based on real events.

“From the first songs like ‘A esa’, ‘Valiente’ or ‘Tell me in front of her’, what we always did is interpret Lucía and I what was happening today, and 90% are true stories,” he considered.

His particular style, at times sung and at times narrated, has been conquering audiences in not only Spanish-speaking countries for many years and the brothers, in addition to offering their iconic songs such as “Olvídame y pega lavuelta” at their concerts, have continued to create .

This is the case of “Betrayal” but also of “When I see it”, a song that will be released with a video clip on March 28 and in which the story of a woman who falls in love with a man 20 years younger than her is told. .

“When a man goes out with someone younger than him, it is seen as something normal, but what happens when a woman falls in love with someone 20 years younger?” Said Lucía, who added that a few years ago they already dealt in their lyrics with seek a place within all the machismo that existed -and still exists- in Latin America.

Joaquín said that they have never had “any qualms” about singing what they felt at all times and recalled moments in which they referred to injustices suffered by Latin American migrants who tried to reach the United States and, therefore, received threats from neo-Nazi groups .

For the migrants who are now trying to walk the same path, Pimpinela launched a message of encouragement: “A message of love, to continue fighting to return to your country. We are children of migrants and we know how to live with a broken heart between two lands”, concluded Joaquín.