“Pinching my nose”: what Renaud did not “digest” by voting Emmanuel Macron

This Thursday, May 5, Renaud confided in the columns of Parisian on the occasion of the release of an album of covers called Métèque. The singer took the opportunity to reveal having voted in favor of Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the presidential election, but without any conviction, in particular for a very specific reason.

A vote out of spite. This Thursday, May 5, renaud agreed to deliver a few confidences during an interview granted to the Parisian. The singer, who is releasing a cover album titled metic, has thus reviewed a large number of subjects, whether it is music, love, his addiction to cigarettes or even politics. He thus announced that he voted for Philippe Poutou during the first round of the presidential election, before “obviously” block the National Rally for the second round.

Renaud therefore revealed to have “voted Macron a second time“, but walking backwards to his polling station.”This time pinching my nose. The first time, I thought he was a man from the left, from the center left, unifying“, he first confided, before explaining why he no longer supports the head of state: “Retiring at 65, I can’t stomach it.” A measure that will push him to vote in favor of Jean-Luc Mélenchon during the legislative elections which will take place on June 12 and 19. The alliance on the left, this sort of common program, popular front, is good. It is a real opposition to Macron”he added to our colleagues.

In 2017, Renaud supported Emmanuel Macron

This is not the first time that Renaud has agreed to speak out on politics. On April 6, the interpreter of Morgane de toi had already announced at the microphone of RTL that he wanted to deposit a Philippe Poutou ballot in the ballot box during the first round of the presidential election, before voting reluctantly in the second round. . “I will vote against, not for, against Le Pen”, he said. However, in 2017, Renaud did not hesitate to support Emmanuel Macron, believing that it was “the only one who [lui paraissait] integrates, the only one without a party, the only one without a pan in the ass and the only alternative to Le Pen and Fillon”. The discourse has changed a lot since then.


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