Pipe Bueno ticketed Santiago Arias for an event they experienced in the middle of their vacations

At this time, most of the celebrities in the world of Colombian entertainment are enjoying the company of their families and a pleasant vacation. Recently, the popular music singer, Pipe Bueno, shared through his posts on his personal Instagram account that he was present at the Cali Fair, there she posed with various public figures such as the singer Maluma, who gave a concert in the capital of salsa, Santiago Arias, among others.

After his stay in Cali, where Pipe Bueno also performed; He showed through his social networks that he is now on vacation in Cartagena with Santiago Arias and his family. This type of encounter is usually frequent, since several players of the Colombian National Team are friends with singers or people related to the world of entertainment.

In the middle of the trip there was something that caused curiosity among the followers of celebrities, Between the two families, 36 suitcases were counted.. It is worth mentioning that Pipe Bueno and his partner, the content creator, Luisa Fernanda W have two children: Máximo and Domenic; and for their part Santiago Arias and Karin Jiménez have three: Thiago, Lucca and Milan.

Through his stories on Instagram, Pipe Bueno recorded the moment they were going to board the plane that would take them to Cartagena.

In the images you can see Santiago Arias with one of his children in his arms and another of them on his right side, the soccer player carried a suitcase on his shoulders; Later Karin was observed with another of her children holding her hand and with a suitcase, then Luisa Fernanda W could be seen carrying a hand suitcase and her little Máximo holding hands. As recorded in the video, both families brought what appears to be a babysitter to help them care for their children.

Later, it could be seen when Pipe Bueno showed each of the suitcases that both families brought to the trip; the singer assured that most of them belonged to the player.

The eldest son of Pipe Bueno took all eyes in 2023

There is no doubt that 2022 was one of the best years for the popular music singer Pipe Bueno, since he presented several concerts and, in addition, his second son, Domenic, was born. Along with the little one, there is also the eldest of the Bueno Cataño family, Máximo.

For some time now, the heart of the interpreter of cupid failed They have an owner: it is the influencer and content creator, Luisa Fernanda W, also the mother of the two little ones. So, the couple of public figures became one of the most followed on social platforms, while their favoritism increased and on New Year’s they continued to be a trend.

As most celebrities do, the family shared part of the way 2023 came into their lives. Pipe Bueno uploaded his first publication of the year, he appeared next to Luisa and her two children, but the attention fell mainly on Máximo.

For this occasion, the influencer chose to wear a tight-fitting dress, in a naked and with transparencies, while Pipe put on a looks more urban, light colors. On the children’s side, Domenic followed in the footsteps of his father with a white wardrobe and Máximo dressed in a shiny tuxedo.

Indeed, the presence of Máximo was notorious and took the main glances of the family. With the elegant black suit, The two-year-old boy fell in love with the followers of social networks, as he was the star protagonist of the reel of photographs that the exponent of the spite genre shared.