Piqué asked Shakira to return when he was already with Clara Chía

the war between Shakira and Piqué continues, and it is that a week after the Colombian premiered her song with Bizarrap dedicated to him, new details have been discovered.

Much has been said about how the breakup was and how Shakira found out that he was unfaithful. Some things are true and others are not, but what was confirmed is that the footballer did ask the singer to return.

This is how he confirmed it the journalist Jordi Martín, who has been after the ex-partner for many years and has revealed many secrets.

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This is how Piqué asked Shakira to return when he was already with Clara

One of the most controversial phrases from his Music Sessions Vol. 53 with Bizarrap says “I’m not coming back with you, neither cry nor beg me.”

And although many questioned if it was just a phrase, or it was true, The journalist, who has followed them for years, confirmed that Piqué regretted leaving her last year and asked her for another chance.

“We have had access to accurate information from a person from Shakira’s direct environment that Shakira and Piqué broke up last April, but a month later, already being with Clarita, Gerard regrets having left Shakira,” said the journalist.

As reported, Piqué asked Shakira to try again, and she gave him the chance, but it didn’t work.

“Gerard asked him to try again and he returned home, but this attempt didn’t work out and that’s when they decide to call it quits. Then Clara and Piqué moved in together.” said the paparazzi.

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Also, Jordi assured that although it is said that Clara and Piqué are fighting, they are “closer than ever”, but it is unknown if this phrase by Shakira in her song will have affected her.

Shakira and Piqué follow each other again on Instagram

Although Piqué’s infidelity to Shakira is evident, many say that all the drama that is said is false, and now the rumors have increased after a gesture of peace among celebrities.

And it is that recently both began to follow each other on Instagram, showing that they are not as bad as they appear, and unleashing the fury of their fans.

This increases the rumors that they are only making a scandal for both to “bille”, because despite the Shakira issue, and Piqué’s mockery of her, now they follow each other again.