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Although he said goodbye to Barcelona, ​​the team that brought him fame and money, Gerard Piqué does not mean saying goodbye completely to football. And he hasn’t, the ex of Shakira he invented his own game and thus the Kings League was born, with which he commands attention every Sunday with an innovative game.

The commotion caused by her ex’s new song with Bizarrap, although she sprinkled it with more descriptions from the Colombian’s followers, used it to promote her project in her live broadcasts, leaving her good humor in every comment she made. served to gain popularity.

And for those who wonder what the Kings League is about, this game brings together 12 teams led by well-known streamers in Spain. Each of them is responsible for broadcasting each game live, in which the number of players was reduced to 7, guided by unique rules that highlight the non-existence of penalties, among other rules.

Piqué’s Kings League “pays little” to its players

Thousands of viewers join each Sunday of the Kings League, through the Twitch and TikTok platforms, since the competition began on January 1. Excitement grows around the game where well-known ex-soccer players such as Iker Casillas and Kun Agüero appear, La Vanguardia reported.

Given the successes achieved, many wonder how much the participating players earn in this modality with which Piqué seeks to compete with the Spanish league. This question was cleared up by footballer Marc Pluvins from Iker’s team, who explained how this part of the dynamics worked.

From the “Force” Free Talks podcast, the young participant began by clarifying that the league is the one that has the commitment to pay, but not the presidents, in order to avoid some being better paid than others for belonging to a president with more or less purchasing power.

Given the question that many ask, he began by explaining that there are different levels, which is why each game earns 75 euros in the regular phase. If they reach the semifinals they get 100 euros and if they reach the final, another 100.

There is no doubt that Piqué’s league “pays little”, and convinced of this, the young athlete justified that in this project of the owner of Kosmos, he is not working for a salary, but for the experience of being able to say in the future that he was playing with Casillas or Agüero, who are the players who in this start accompany the project of the ex of the Colombian singer.

Questioned by the interviewer, he replied that “yes, they could pay more”, but in his opinion the success of the Kings League has been such in various European countries that the popularity and fame that this project brings makes up for everything.

“Whether you like it or not, the people and the players who are there are not for money. It is not for 75, 200, it is for sharing a vital experience”, said Marc Pluvins.

The Free Talks host of “Force” opined that “a Kings League that achieves an audience of one million 300 thousand people on Twitch and its players charge 75 euros, that seems little to him,” he said emphatically.

However, he argued that this is just a format that is being born and is taking its first steps, and since not everything is paid for by living in the moment, he bet that in another season he is sure that these figures will improve given the success that this league of football.

The Spanish media cited that the sporting event already has recognized sponsors such as Spotify, Cupra and InfoJobs, which reveals that Gerard is building solid foundations so that this project can be perpetuated over time.

The competition comes to an end on March 26. That day it will be known if Piqué will be among the players of any of the teams, after a white card was invented that could return him to the playing field as a “wild card” for a coach. But, this did not come out and everything was left to see again.

The president of FC Barcelona himself, Joan Laporta, confirmed in one of the live broadcasts prior to matchday four that the final will be played at the Spotify Camp Nou. Gerard Piqué commented that 35,000 tickets had already been sold. (AND)

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