Piqué, victim of the black humor of one of the Colombian soccer teams; they wrote heavy comment

The separation of the Colombian singer Shakira and the former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué was one of the most relevant news in the world of entertainment during 2022, both personalities were a trend thanks to the love affair that ended a relationship of 12 that also left two children.

The appearance of Clara Chía in the life of the ex-Barcelona meant the end of one of the most striking couples on the planet; From there, the life of the Barranquillera, the former player and who is now Piqué’s girlfriend, steals headlines daily in the different media around the world.

However, from Colombia, the Twitter account of a soccer team that was in the first division took advantage of the last days of the year to play a prank on the world champion in 2010 with Spain.

Taking advantage of the controversy over what happened and a trill from Pique in which he complained because a tweeter made him spoilers with the animated series Naruto, the community manager from the institution decided to send him a slightly risqué message.

“An asshole has made me a spoiler for Naruto and has screwed me up all weekend…”, wrote the former soccer player to which the official Fortaleza account replied: “Your wife left with the children, put your batteries together, ‘bro'”, They wrote from the official profile of the team.

The comment generated all kinds of reactions; from solidarity with the former player, through laughter and to others who joined in the mockery. Among them, that trill exceeded 5,000 reactions.

Seer gave clues about Shakira’s love life, do you already have a new romance?

The Colombian was the center of speculation once she became single, sparking rumors about possible love affairs with other international celebrities such as Henry Cavill, Chris Evans and Alejandro Sanz. The truth is that the famous singer remained silent and did not speak out, showing that her main focus is her little ones.

According to what arose in astrology, several seers pointed out that Shakira would already have a new romance with someone, releasing information related to the fact that it would be a Colombian living in the United States, the country to which the Barranquillera will move. However, Spanish media assured that the interpreter of waka waka she would be interested in something with Alejandro Sanz, one of her closest friends.

Leaving all these rumors aside, the clairvoyant, Lilian Estrada, granted a dialogue with pulse and mentioned a bit of what was coming for Shakira in 2023. The expert focused on the love life of the world celebrity, pointing out that at this moment she was alone and would last for a while.

Estrada stated that the pop artist was not interested in a courtship and was not eager to formalize anything, so she would continue with her personal process. Despite the fact that she had admirers and suitors, the dancer would not focus on this aspect for now.

“Shakira is going to be alone for a long time, and I like how the artist thinks. Now everyone says that she has admirers, she must have thousands because of how pretty she is, because of her woman and because of her fame. But right now she doesn’t have any desire to get engaged for now, ”she said.

“He has already served a time in his marriage, God gave him two beautiful children, this relationship is over. You have to pray for Shakira to overcome and get ahead for her children, ”added the seer.

In the same way, the woman assured that what worried her was that the Colombian woman would be careless and the problems with the Spanish authorities would take advantage of her.

What does worry me is the judicial, that problem that he has with Spain due to this matter of taxes. I hope he gets his act together so that he doesn’t have a scare, because many times he has good lawyers and defenders, but if he is careless a little he can end up stepping in jails”, he added.