Piqué would have published a photo with Clara Chía after buying a PREGNANCY test

After being brutally beaten by Shakira’s song, Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía already boasted of their love and made it official this week with a selfie shared by the soccer player.

But it seems that being very happy and finally confirming, for themselves and not for gossip or paparazzi, that they are in love, was not an isolated event.

At least that’s what Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain say in Chisme no like, who published a photograph of the couple in a pharmacy. The journalists assure that they caused a bomb after evidencing the visit of the lovebirds to the establishment last Sunday.

Piqué and Clara Chía/ Photo: ChismeNoLike

According to their informants, Clara Chía and Piqué would have bought a pregnancy test. This also sparked speculation about the possible news that they are already expecting a baby, when not even a year has passed since Gerard’s break with Shakira.

“So, what happened Elisa? After the pregnancy test, she told him: ‘you are going to make me official as a girlfriend’. She took the selfie and he for the first time in history, he is very selfish, he posted his girlfriend and obviously it was a scandal,” Ceriani said.

Only time will tell if Clara Chía is really expecting Piqué’s baby, for whom it would be her third child, after Sasha and Milan, the fruit of her love with Shakira, who continues to bill and even boasted that the Grammy museum will dedicate an exhibition to her for his musical career.

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