Piqué would use Clara Chía so that their businesses have greater visibility

Shakira and Gerard Piqué became two of the most commented and recognized celebrities in the international media, due to the entire process they went through in their lives after the breakup. The singer and the ex-soccer player terminated their affective bondfirstly focusing his attention on the future of his two children, Milan and Sasha, and secondly on the professional career of each one.

In this sense and for her part, in the midst of the rumors of the separation and after the break with Piqué, Shakira faced the situation with two songs that she has shown to her audiencesuch as ‘I congratulate you’, which he launched at the end of August, and ‘Monotonía’, which he published on October 19.

These two songs have generated many zeros to their income due to the reproductions they have had on social networks, especially on the YouTube platform, where I congratulate you already accumulates 15 million views, while Monotony broke all possible records, achieving 115 million views in just a month and 4 days.

However, the former Barcelona FC defender has also made the most of the separation with Shakira and especially his new relationship with Clara Chía, since there is speculation in the networks that this courtship helps Piqué catapult his career as a businessman.

It is worth remembering that Gerard Piqué is the president of the Kosmos Groupa company that brings together six companies dedicated to the sports industry.

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía end their holidays to start a business season

Gerard Piqué and his partner now lead an exposed life after the custody agreement for their children with Shakira was signed. Now, the ex-soccer player Piqué He is enjoying his relationship with Clara Chía to the fullest. Very discreet with his private life, there have been few occasions that we have seen them together, but the truth is that after months carrying their love in secret, now they no longer hide.

In this sense, last Tuesday, December 27, Piqué attended the launch of one of his latest professional projects: the Kings League Initial Draft. He was accompanied by his girlfriendwith which he was seen in his vehicle in the vicinity when he arrived downtown.

There, he was seen somewhat confused and without knowing where to park, he stopped before reaching where the media were and He took his mobile phone to make sure he had arrived correctly.

Now, once inside the place, they both got out of the car and went inside the center without even looking back. The young woman carried several backpacks and a wardrobe in which he wore the ex-soccer player’s wardrobe change, which shows the attention he has towards his sharpest boy as a businessman.

Hours later, both left the premises in a hurry to avoid being captured by the cameras present there. Very discreet in the spotlight, the young woman did not hesitate to cover her face to avoid being photographed with whom he has become the love of his life.