Piqué’s parents no longer want reconciliation with Shakira: Joan Piqué and Montserrat Bernabeu approve of their son’s romance and share with their new daughter-in-law Clara Chía Marti | People | Entertainment

For the Spanish media, Gerard Piqué took revenge on Shakira and unceremoniously exhibited himself with his new love Clara Chía Marti, the woman he hid for many months after consummating his infidelity and breaking up with the 12-year relationship, which bore fruit: Milan and Sasha.

The outpouring of happiness and passion shown by the new couple has the consent of the Barca player’s parents, who, to the surprise of many, have already accepted the new member of the Piqué family with total pleasure.

The concert of the Spanish singer Dani Martin was the official presentation of the new conquest of the soccer player, showing that normality is complete, including the approval of his parents, highlighted the Los40 portal.

Piqué’s parents approve of his new girlfriend Clara Chía Marti

Joan Piqué and Montserrat Bernabeu, the parents of Gerard Piqué said yes to their eldest son rebuilding his life with the young twentysomething he chose after breaking up with Shakira.

And although there was more than a decade of close coexistence with the singer, the Piqué-Bernabeu family turned their backs on the Barranquilla and now they openly approve of the romance with their young partner.

Recognized in Spanish high society, the player’s parents were present at the recital sharing with their two children Marc and Gerard, and Clara Chía Marti. From the stands the whole family was seen happy, singing the songs of the Spanish singer, as a sign that everything is going well.

The unforgettable night also represented the couple’s first kiss, giving free rein to the passion that unites them, and without forgetting that they were photographed and recorded, they shared all the gestures of affection, in the presence of Shakira’s ex-in-laws.

Joan Piqué and Montserrat Bernabeu were present at the concert where Piqué and Clara Chía Martin exhibited their romance.

The 23-year-old Public Relations student is already part of the Catalan family and friends, who two days after the concert, attended the wedding of her best friend Albert Pedret with her company and hand in hand. Anna Tormo, both workers of the Kosmos company.

What they criticized the Colombian singer so much, who did not join the player’s group of wives or his friends, does not happen with Clara, because Piqué is pleased with the joviality of his lover.

The forceful images of Piqué’s romance make it clear that his parents are no longer betting on reconciliation with Shakira, as the tabloids of the Iberian country reported weeks ago, and on the contrary, they support the player in restarting a relationship in which the singer is gone. (AND)

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