Piqué’s parents would be angry with Shakira for taking Milan and Sasha to Miami

Shakira and Gerard Piqué were at the center of different international celebrity news, due to the personal process they went through in 2022 regarding the relationship they had. Both celebrities were located as targets of publications and content, which revealed their appearances in public, the decisions they made about their lives and the agreement they signed to benefit the future of their children.

In the midst of the boom that took the news of the future trip of the Colombian to Miami with her little ones, Milan and Sasha, the eyes of the curious settled on a series of information that came to light regarding the parents of the former FC defender Barcelona. The Spanish press assured that Joan Piqué and Montserrat Bernabéu would not have taken the announcement of their grandchildren’s departure in the best way.

According to what he revealed The National of Catalonia, Piqué’s parents would be very angry with Shakira for making the decision to move with their children to the United States, since they would have no connection and the relationship would be scarce. The portal stated that for both Spaniards this news did not go very well, since Milan and Sasha would only share with them on trips and vacations.

“Milan and Sasha’s paternal grandparents are angry with the artist for taking them to Miami, thousands of miles from their paternal family. If Joan and Montserrat do not accompany Piqué every month, they will not have the opportunity to see the children until the summer holidays, only a couple of times a year, unlike their other grandparents who can see them every day.”, wrote the medium, where it added that the relationship of the Colombian with her ex-in-laws was completely reduced.

The same way, informalia agreed with what was stated by The National of Catalonia and assured that Joan Piqué, Gerard’s father, remains completely silent regarding his relationship with Shakira, so he avoids touching the subject and denying or confirming this “enmity”. The Spanish press continues to await statements from the father, since he never volunteered to talk about the personal troubles of his son.

At the moment, the position of Piqué and Montserrat on the trip of the minors is completely unknown, which would be postponed due to the health of Shakira’s father.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué: the house of the ex-soccer player’s parents would be in dispute

In the midst of waiting to know details of the trip that the Barranquillera will undertake with the little ones to Miami, the Spanish press continues to reveal information about the processes that the Colombian has with the former soccer player after their separation. The eyes fell on a series of movements that would be carried out in the distribution of assets of celebrities.

Recently, Laura Fa and Lorena Vásquez, known as the Mamarazzis, from The newspaperThey took advantage of a chapter of the podcast to tell a little about the situation of some properties that Shakira and Piqué had when they had their love relationship.

The journalists mentioned that they knew about the real estate agency that was in charge of the sale of the house where the singer and the former soccer player lived, in addition to other points that few knew. The Spaniards indicated that they found out, first hand, that this same company would be in charge of the sale of the house where Piqué’s parents lived, so that the property entered directly into the distribution of assets of celebrities.

“To finish off the Shakira and Piqué issue, let them know that we have control over the real estate company that is going to put the properties up for sale, we have the name, but we are not going to say it … The only partnership that Shakira and Gerard Piqué have is that they own three houses, that of the singer, that of her parents and that of Gerard Piqué’s parents.”, said the communicators in the podcast.

It is important to say this because before we thought that the house of Piqué’s parents was left out of this distribution. It remains inside and they will put it up for sale shortlythey have no intention of mounting photos and neither do they give visits, ”said Lorena Vásquez.

Similarly, the Mamarazzis They clarified that no person could access photographs of the houses, since the real estate company would keep this private and would only show it to those who were interested, had economic solvency and set a real proposal.

“No matter how much you search, that real estate agency is not going to make public any photos of the interior of the house. Unless you show that you have the money and financial solvency to buy it, they won’t show it to you,” they added.