Piqué’s parents would have rejected the new girlfriend and want Shakira back

After the mediatic and scandalous breakup, Gerard Piqué seems to be willing to rebuild his life with another woman, not only because he would already be in a relationship but because it would be advancing rapidly: according to reports, the footballer introduced his new partner to his parents, Clara Chia Martin.

But the reaction of his parents was perhaps not what the Barcelona striker expected. Joan Piqué and Monstserrat Bernabeu would have disapproved of the budding romance with the Advertising student as they still hope that her son will return to Shakira, the mother of her grandchildren.

The presenters of the program El Gordo y La Flaca, where they showed the first photo of the new couple, said that Shakira’s ex-in-laws would not agree with Piqué’s new relationship and trusted that after the difficult moments the couple would could rebuild. In the same program it was mentioned that the Colombian singer would be going through a very sad moment seeing that everything she built in the last 10 years has been falling apart.

According to various reports compiled by the Publimetro media, Piqué’s parents “do not want another woman in their family, more than Shakira” and that is why they were not interested in meeting the new girl either.

It should be remembered that Piqué’s mother has built a close and good relationship with Shakira, which is why she probably empathizes with her and what is happening to her at this time, instead of supporting her son for the decisions he is currently making.