Piqué’s reaction to the moment in which he is given permission to spend it with his “lover” – Nueva Mujer

Gerard Piqué has had one of his worst years losing not only his family but also his football career by giving up the FC Barcelona amid the scandals over his new romance with Clara Chía Martí, with whom he was unfaithful to Shakira.

The controversies surrounding his life have not stopped in recent months and a new video has further exposed the deception of the mother of his sons.

Apparently his teammates and even the technical director of the Catalan club were aware of his secret romance with the young blonde from 23 years.

The moment Piqué is given permission to be with his new girlfriend

Although the former soccer player has been very busy in his new facet as a businessman with his business What ‘influencers’ and ‘gamers’, a new documentary of Barcelona that ‘Amazon Prime’ has shown has left it in criticism again.

In the audiovisual that has gone viral on social networks, it can be seen how Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona coach, during a chat with his team, while promising the players a day off so they can occupy their time with a “lover”, a comment that led Piqué to react awkwardly, and leaving him “naked”, according to They comment on the networks.

“If we win today, you have Friday, you can go to Disney, rest, family…, lovers, whatever you want,” he said with a laugh.

Piqué wore restless while scratching his face and smiling.

“He gets nervous and scratches himself”, “Xavi knew everything”, “Surprising that the coach of a club this big sees it as normal and acceptable for players to be dishonest with their families, the #Values ​​of the Barça clan”, “Nervous that he wore”, “Xavi did it on purpose”, they commented.