“Pity about this brilliant rhetorician”

“Hahne makes excellent use of frustration”

“I know Peter Hahne, like many others, mainly from his time as moderator of the ‘Today’ news. I also valued him very much in this role at the time,” he says t-online reader Detlef Karstädt to. “I absolutely cannot identify with his current views, although at 58 I would certainly fit into the target group.

It’s amazing how a seasoned and experienced journalist can go astray. Apparently he tries to stay in the conversation by using common clichés in order to continue being invited to talk shows. He can probably do that too.

After two years of Corona there is already a certain frustration in parts of the population and of course Mr. Hahne takes advantage of this.”

Peter Hahne worked for the news program for many years "today".  (archive picture from 1991)
Peter Hahne worked for the news program “heute” for many years. (archive picture from 1991) (Source: teutopress/imago-images-pictures)

“His statements are part of the freedom of speech”

t-online reader Frank Weiland emphasizes that he does not want to take sides with Peter Hahne, but wonders whether there is anything to the views. “I think it’s not without reason that the audience feels addressed by his performance, because not everything went smoothly in the pandemic and gendering takes more than just getting used to.”

Frank Weiland is important: “Even statements such as those made by Mr. Hahne, who was highly praised in the past, are part of freedom of expression and are at least justified as cause for reflection.”

“It’s a shame about this brilliant rhetorician”

t-online reader Krystin Jäkel tells of her encounter with the former ZDF face, who is also known for his religious convictions and corresponding publications: “Already about ten years ago, at an open-air church service, I became aware that a book sales show was taking place here and that God’s word was not being proclaimed.

Abuses must be mentioned, but factually, truthfully and with love – and above all not under the guise of an evangelistic sermon. Thank God there are enough Christians who see through this populist ramblings. It’s a shame about this brilliant rhetorician,” says Krystin Jäkel.

“Trend-setting and clever”

t-online reader Gesine Hagemann mails: “It is with great pleasure that I hear and read Peter Hahne’s contributions. His statements, particularly on Corona and the role of the churches in the pandemic, are trend-setting, clever and should neither be ignored nor defamed. I wish we had more such critical voices can hear in the corona pandemic.”

“I’m disappointed in him”

Had a completely different impression t-online reader Anita Oschmann: “I saw Hahne as a guest on the ‘Riverboat’ and was horrified. I have no idea how a seasoned journalist can turn around like that after his successful service at ZDF. Now I realize that as the face of ZDF, he is the people lied to his advantage. I don’t think it’s any different now. I’m disappointed in him.”