plot based on real events

    acknowledge it. You also get goosebumps when you see a scary fiction and at the end the dreaded appears: based on real events. Well, something similar has happened with one of the plot lines of the newly released season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’. We loved it, it’s the best installment to date and we can’t wait any longer for volume 2 to arrive. But we get chills just thinking that the monster Vecna ​​exists or that a dark reality lives below us parallel to what we know.

    Fortunately, none of these facts have been confirmed, although the inspiration to create the character of Eddie, played by Joseph Quinn: an alleged murderer from the eighties named Damien Echol.

    The Duffer brothers were the ones who discovered this young man, through a documentary called ‘Paradise Lost: The Child Murder at Robin Hood Hills’, where it was narrated that Echol, along with two friends, had killed three eight-year-old children. Creepy, right? Finally, it was shown that they had not stained their hands with blood, rather they had been pointed out for belonging to a sect that supposedly worshiped Satan.

    The story, of course, sounds a lot like Eddie’s. This new character in the cast of ‘Stranger Things’ is the new leader of the Dungeons and Dragons game club, and is accused of the deaths of Chrissy, Fred and other victims of Vecna.

    It is still pending to know how he will get rid of the charges, but we will have to wait until July 1, when the last two chapters of the series arrive, before the last season, 5, of ‘Stranger Things’. What more stories based on real events will we find?

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