Poker was partying on a special date

By Maria Jose Rojas

The group from Santa Cruz Poker celebrated its 25 years of experience in the world of show business and entertainment.

The emotional anniversary was held at the facilities of Santa Cruz Beer Company and the founding couple, Vanessa Áñez and Juan NarbajaThey took care that every detail and every moment of the night are special.

The event featured a museum of their costumes, instruments and props that they used throughout their career. The group renewed their show, surprising their guests with each of the pieces performed. In addition, they had two important awards.

Between friends. Tomás Hernández, Morena Hernández, Lucciana Pitruzzello and Juan Carlos García.

Elegant. Carlos Morales, Juan José Calderón and Arnaldo Contreras.

beautiful. Ximena Jiménez, Fridda Roca and Patricia Fernández.

with the artist. Cristian Massud, Vanessa Áñez, Sarita Mansilla and Gilberto Melgar.

Happy. Gastón Serrano, Midori Takeda and Christian Monroy.

In couple. Favyana Medinacelli and Jota Narbaja.

Together. Mary Lizzie Ortiz and Osvaldo Ribera.

Courtships. Daniel El-Hage and Lenka Nemer Drpic