Police searched NDW star’s house

From January 13th he will be seen in the jungle camp: Markus Mörl. Now the singer is causing a stir with a wild police story.

The singer didn’t enjoy it at all. Markus Mörl, known for his Neue Deutsche Welle hit “I want fun”, had to endure a house search. The 63-year-old reported this to the “Bild” newspaper. Mörl describes the circumstances of the raid as questionable. The events are said to have happened in 2021 in his Hessian residence in Bad Camberg.

“I got a call from a police officer that they were standing in front of my door with a search warrant and had to break the lock straight away. I was suspected of running a cannabis plantation in my basement,” says Mörl. He had to think of the ZDF format “Hidden Camera” and apparently couldn’t believe the allegations. He had met the officials with the tip to get into the house through the patio door, because he had “nothing to fear”.

Mörl assures: “I have nothing to do with drugs”

The reason for the suspicion, according to Mörl: an anonymous letter that was received by the Limburg police department. It is said to have said: “Markus Mörl grew drugs in the basement.” The NWD star says it’s “absurd”: “I have nothing to do with drugs, I hardly drink alcohol.”

Markus Mörl with his wife Yvonne König
Markus Mörl with his wife Yvonne König (Source: IMAGO/Christoph Reichwein (crei))

Nevertheless, there were apparently instructions from the Limburg district court to search the house of Markus Mörl and his wife Yvonne König. The public prosecutor’s office in Limburg has initiated an investigation into the “illegal cultivation of narcotics”. Even if the procedure is said to have dragged on for months: it has now been discontinued – the singer was apparently not guilty of anything.