Polyamory, bisexuality… Angèle confides in an open heart

The singer Angèle opened up about her romantic relationships and her relationship to love in an interview.

Frank confidences for Angèle. The singer returned to her romantic relationships and in particular her bisexuality in the columns of “vogue“, Tuesday, January 31. Always discreet about her private life, she indulged in a few confessions.

Angèle has revealed that she has been aware of her bisexual sexual orientation since adolescence, while having difficulty admitting it: “The attraction for girls is something that I repressed, of course. But being bi, it suited me to be so attracted to guys – because I really like boys, as much as girls. It made it easier to hide it, finally to hide it from me, ”she admits. Although she is more at peace with this subject, she admits that this certain form of shame has not entirely disappeared: “In my life as an artist, yes. In my personal life, sad to say, not 100%.”

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“I’m more in tune with the idea of ​​polyamory”

As for currently being in a relationship, Angela prefers to evade the question: “My vision of the couple has changed so much. At this point in my life, I no longer see it as an essentially exclusive bond. I’m more in tune with the idea of ​​polyamory, so it would be going into too intimate details to start explaining what I’m going through. After the publication of stolen photos in the press, Angèle had confirmed in 2020 be in a relationship with the Youtuber Marie Papillon. The couple had separated after almost two years of love.

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Lately, the singer of 27 years multiplies the appearances. Chanel muse since 2020, she was spotted at the fashion house show during the Parisian week of Fashion Week Haute Couture. Angèle will soon be at the cinema for her role in the film “Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom” in the role of Falbala. The release of the feature film is scheduled for Wednesday, February 1.

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