Poncho De Nigris and his wife Marcela Mistral present their baby and it’s beautiful

Poncho De Nigris and his wife Marcela Mistral present their baby and it’s beautiful. Three days after sharing details of the birth, the whole family posed to reveal the face of the new member, who will be named Antonioin tribute to the late brother of the influencer.

It was months ago when Alfonso De Nigris and Marcela Mistral revealed that they would become parents again, the couple had commented that before that they had lost a baby and that it had been a difficult decision to get pregnant again. In addition to having two children who are her greatest treasure, these months also marked the reunion of Nigris Poncho with her eldest daughter, Ivana, who couldn’t be happier to have a new baby brother.

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Although, the great leap to fame of Poncho De Nigris occurred with his participation in the reality show big brotherthe native of Monterey He has managed to create a strong career in the media and today we could say that he is an all-rounder, because he not only stands out for his exploits in front of the camera but also for the beautiful family he has formed alongside Marcela Mistral Leal.

As one of the most beloved couples in Monterrey and in entertainment, Poncho de Nigris and Marcela Mistral they have drawn attention by showing a large part of their family life and they are their children Ponchito and Isabella who steal camera every time they appear next to them.

Now, after showing images of the Baby’s birthpresumably by caesarean section, just three days later the entire family has posed to receive the little member, who has already given something to talk about because of how charming he is.

“We present to you the new member of the family. With you here…Antonio el Toño De Nigris L. Very happy to have you at home. Thanks to everyone who cared and was on the lookout, thanks for the good vibes! We are already complete”, wrote Poncho De Nigris on social networks.

New episodes of “Keeping up with the Denigris”

Undoubtedly the arrival of new family member will make a change in the program that Poncho De Nigris’s family has created on YouTube, where they share part of their day-to-day life and how this new pregnancy has been for the couple of Poncho and Marcela.

Although some criticize them, they remain firm in their project of showing that a family is not perfect but it is real and with a lot of love, so they have also prepared “odd couples” a segment in his Youtube channel focused on the couple’s relationship and how to keep the spark of love lit.

From the most controversial topics to the simplest and most real, Poncho De Nigris and Marcela Mistral take their public facet further and now surely, there will be many new projects because every baby comes into the world with cake under his arm.