‘Poncho’ Herrera feels very proud to have belonged to RBD, but makes it clear that he is not going back on tour

When RBD announced their reunion and a new tour to give life to mythical songs like Rebel, Save me, Just stay quiet Y Behind me, almost two generations of young Latinos went crazy and filled social networks with pastry chefs on the subject, making it clear that it will be one of the most successful tours of 2023because everyone is waiting for the dates to come out next January 19 with the exact places and days on which this Mexican group will set foot on half the planet again.

However, this news was bittersweet and all because one of the members of RBD, the most desired and desired by young men and women, will not be part of this “come back” of the year. It’s about the actor Alfonso Herrera, the only one of the “rebels” who did not accept the invitation to go on tour with his colleagues from the Rebelde series, whose motives were not revealed at that time and they unleashed all kinds of theories and rumors that reached the point of publishing false news, as did a Mexican media outlet, which stated that ‘Poncho’ had not reached an economic agreement with the tour managers, since he would have asked for a sum of astronomical money that could not be disbursed.

To this was added that ‘Poncho’ himself published a video on his official Twitter account where he puts a phrase from the song Rebel to encourage his followers to donate money and resources to the UNHCR Foundation, of which he is an ambassador, unleashing a series of nonsensical criticisms, since many They managed to say that the use of the phrase “If you are rebellious and do not follow the others… I invite you to donate to a good cause” was a mockery of their former companions on stage and the tour they will undertake in the coming months.

Said criticisms unleashed a rather scandalous conclusion, that the actor who once played Miguel Arango in the novel Rebelde was ashamed of his participation in RBD and that he did not want to know anything about his past as a teenage singer, gossip that reached Alfonso to his own ears when he was leaving the Mexico City airport, when he was approached by a group of journalists with questions about this issue and his rejection of the aforementioned tour.

“I am happy… I am happy to have been part of such a successful project… I am grateful and I will always remain grateful… I simply feel and I am happy with the projects I have at the moment and I believe that one thing is not at odds with the other, Because at the end of the day, my past is what makes me the person I am at this moment,” the actor declared in front of the cameras of various Mexican media outlets.

In that intervention, Herrera also took the opportunity to categorically deny the gossip about the money that they would have offered him and he allegedly rejected, a matter that had already been denied in an official statement that was published on the official Instagram profile of RBD.

“I do not know that because I did not enter into any negotiation, it is the only thing I can tell you”lashed out at the actor, who in recent years has been involved in projects as ambitious as Sense8 Y The dance of the 41.

And so that there are no gaps of any kind, this is the official phrase for the reason why Alfonso Herrera, a former member of RBD, will not be on the group’s tour in 2023: “I’m going to be working friends.”

Thus, the chapter of the absence of ‘Poncho’ in the reunion of the group is closed and It only remains to wait for the list of cities that will have Anahí, Dulce María, Maité Perroni, Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chávez together again live.