‘Pop has improved, but it’s still sexist’

The recording in Spain of the Netflix series “Welcome to Eden”, in which he plays one of the prominent roles, has brought the Mexican pop star back Belinda to his roots, the country where he was born, and also to find the inspiration to work on his first album since 2013 and new dreams.

It’s hard not to ask this composer, performer and actress, who began her career as a child and who is often more scrutinized in the media for what she wears than for her work, about the conditions of the artistic environment, especially music, and the different requirements that are made to them and to them.

“It is totally unfair. It has improved, but it is still macho”, regrets the nicknamed “princess of pop” before remembering that “since she was little”, in her first jobs in children’s soap operas, they told her that “the girls wanted to see the boys”, so they asked the female actresses to They will be placed “behind”.

Belinda Peregrín (Madrid, 1989) denounces that even today as a composer she has to put up with a certain skepticism. “In my themes there are still five authors, because credit is given to all those who participate, as it should be, even if they have put a phrase or a word. ‘Oh, of course, she didn’t do anything’, they tend to think. It’s always like this, when maybe the woman has done 80%”, she laments.

He declares himself a fan of Rigoberta Bandini, the Spanish singer and songwriter who wrote songs like “Perra” or “Ay Mama”, which has become the unofficial anthem of the demonstrations on the last International Women’s Day. “I would love to work with her. In fact, I have written to her on Instagram, but she did not answer me. Please, Rigoberta, answer me! ”, She asks her through Efe.

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In recent times, her musical facet has been more focused on collaborating with other artists, such as in 2021 in the hit “Niña de la Escuela” with Lola Índigo, another empowering song for women.

“I liked it from the beginning because it is different. In these urban songs that theme of the strength of women had never been touched on since I was a girl. In addition, it gave me the opportunity to be in Lola’s studio, who is a great artist that I admire a lot as a person, ”she says about what led to that project.

However, it is surprising that he has not released more albums since in 2013 he released the fifth album of his career, “Catarsis”.

“When I make a record, I get in 100 percent. I have to be inspired and find out why, and it just wasn’t the time. I have no other answer ”, she limits herself to alleging regarding that long period of time.

He then confirms, however, that “we won’t have to wait long” to enjoy an LP with his signature again. “I am very inspired,” she says after confessing that her work in the series “Welcome to Eden” has had a lot to do with this new state and summons her followers to the news “that will be heard very soon ”.

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That filming for Netflix has allowed him to establish himself for a long season in Spain, where he does not rule out being seen more often with new projects. In that sense, an exchange of complicit glances with his team practically confirms a performance at the upcoming Madrid Pride festivities.

“I hope so. I’d love to. I am going to be here for the next 6 months of my life and I am happy to see the sunrise in Madrid”, she points out.

Along these lines, he also enthusiastically welcomes the suggestion of starring in a musical on the Gran Vía after his debut in 2019 in that area with “Hoy no me puede rising”, which he performed in Mexico. “Musicals are wonderful and ‘I Can’t Get Up Today’ has been my favorite. I wish I could do it here,” she underwrites out loud.

The Mecano songs that she listened to as a child through her parents are just some of the many things that have continued to tie her to her roots on this side of the Atlantic. She is the daughter of Spanish, she assures that although she moved with her family to Mexico since she was 4 years old, her relationship with the country of her birth is very present in her day to day.

“I have spent more time in Spain than everyone thinks, for example, summers or Christmas. This is my home and it will always be my home, because of my roots, because of the music I listen to, because of my parents and because of the food”, he emphasizes, before assuring that “wherever you are, at home the potato omelette, the ham serrano and the ‘pa amb tomàquet’ are legal”.

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