Pop singer Semino Rossi has slimmed down a lot

First the love comeback, now the customer success: Semino Rossi is currently enjoying a lot of positive news. In an interview, the hit star now announces how many kilos he has dropped.

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Did his new character bring his wife back to him? After a two-year separation, the pop singer Semino Rossi and his wife Gabi have recently been a couple again. “We’re back together!” Said the 59-year-old a few days ago. “Sometimes you have to let go in order to orientate yourself so that you can make new decisions for each other from the freedom that has been created.”

After 28 years of marriage, the couple separated about two years ago. Now the love comeback followed. “Dealing with yourself is absolutely important, it requires courage and inner strength,” revealed the singer, who lives in Austria, in an interview with the German Press Agency. “I grew up in a large family and I can’t imagine life without family support.”

“I wear my suits two sizes smaller now”

Together with his wife, Rossi is also happy about the birth of his second grandchild. His daughter gave birth to a girl on March 1st. “I am now a grandfather of two and I feel great joy and happiness,” said Rossi. The newborn Sofia has the same birthday as his 87-year-old mother.

Semino Rossi: Here in 2019 with a lot more on the hip.  (Source: imago images)Semino Rossi: Here in 2019 with a lot more on the hip. (Source: imago images)

In addition to all this family news, the hit star is currently beaming with a very personal achievement. He managed to lose 18 kilos. From 103 it went down to 85 kilograms, he reports to the “Bild” newspaper. It took him almost a year to lose around 20 kilos.

“I wear my suits two sizes smaller now,” says the 59-year-old, who owes his success to “intermittent fasting,” as he reports. Lots of vegetables, few carbohydrates and no more red wine for dinner: that’s his secret recipe for slimming down.