Pop singer Semino Rossi reveals how he regained his Gabi

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Semino Rossi is overjoyed: the pop singer is back with his wife Gabi after a 2-year separation. Now he is sure that such a break can certainly save a relationship.

Innsbruck – Semino Rossi earns his money by singing songs about great love. All the more surprising was the separation from his wife Gabi in 2020. The two were a couple for 28 years, then the separation. A few days ago the good news: Semino and Gabi are back together. The separation was tough, but the pop singer (here all the news on the topic page) can also get something positive out of the break.

Semino RossiArgentine-Italian pop singer
BornMay 29, 1962 (age 59), Rosario, Argentina
parentsEsther Rossi
brothers and sistersDaniele Semino

Love story like a hit: Semino Rossi and his Gabi

The love story of Semino Rossi and his Gabi could have come from a film or from one of his hits: in 1985 he came to Austria from Argentina. Before his great music career began, Semino Rossi was a street musician. A year later he met the South Tyrolean Gabi. The two fell in love, married in 1991 and had two daughters.

Then in 2020 the surprising separation: Semino Rossi moved out of the house they shared and lived in his mobile home. A few days ago, the pop singer beamed with joy that he and his wife were back together. He has now left the mobile home and is living with Gabi again.

Pop singer Semino Rossi reveals how he regained his Gabi
Finally reunited: for pop star Semino Rossi and his wife Gabi, here at the Dresden Opera Ball in the Semperoper, after two separate years there was a love comeback © Vistapress / Imago

“Can save a relationship”: Semino Rossi reveals how he regained his Gabi

“Gabi and I are back together!” Semino Rossi announced to BILD a few days ago. “Sometimes you just have to let go so that you can make new decisions for each other from the freedom that has been created,” explains the pop singer. A separation as a chance for a harmonious new beginning?

It worked wonderfully for Semino Rossi and his Gabi “I do believe that it can save a relationship,” said the hit star in the schlager.de interview. “If you come back and play with open cards – that can already be a great help to your relationship. Our case was exactly like that.”

Semino Rossi and his wife are back together – and becoming grandparents

But even if the breakup helped her relationship, Semino Rossi is “glad I’m back.” But that’s not the end of the good news. Because the Rossi family is not only reunited, but has recently gained a new member.

Semino Rossi recently became a grandpa again. His daughter Laura gave birth to a “lovely girl,” he says on his Instagram account. “His brother Leonhard and the whole family are very happy about their little sister Sofia”.

Semino Rossi, Fantasy and Marie Reim: Strong guest list for fourth Ross Antony Show

TV viewers can look forward to a true hit spectacle: Ross Antony invites several top-class musicians to his place. The guest list includes Semino Rossi, Fantasy and Marie Reim.

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