Pop star Beatrice Egli is annoyed to talk about her character: “Every comment is inappropriate”

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Pop star Beatrice Egli is annoyed to talk about her character: “Every comment is inappropriate”
Pop star Beatrice Egli no longer wants to hear questions or comments about her character (photo montage) © Jan Huebner / Imago

After winning “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, Beatrice Egli took the hit world by storm. But fame doesn’t always make everything easier, because the Swiss woman has had to deal with body shaming since she was young – that hasn’t changed to this day! With open words, she now criticizes this fact.

Pfäffikon – Body shaming has never had a place in our society – yet many people, often including prominent women, are victims of nefarious hostilities who comment on their bodies insultingly. Beatrice Egli, who first “Germany is looking for the superstar”, then conquered the German-speaking hit world, knows exactly how such statements feel. The 33-year-old has been fighting bullying for years – and is now again eloquently handing it out!

Beatrice Egli struggled with body shaming early on – today the pop star is above hate

Beatrice Egli makes no secret of the fact that her life is not always sunny: “Both in my youth and in my musical beginnings I came into contact with the topic of bullying and body shaming, which I took very seriously at the time”. , the pop singer recently reported in an interview with watson.de. During her time at “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, the Swiss woman is said to have received corresponding comments from DSDS chief judge Dieter Bohlen. However, she was also able to “learn a lot and draw strength” from such situations.

Nevertheless, it is clear to Beatrice Egli that comments about her appearance are an absolute no-go: “I find any comment about my character inappropriate. Because I’m a singer. What does the figure, the style of clothing or the hairstyle have to do with my voice?” The 33-year-old is happy to accept criticism, but only if it relates to her actual field of activity.

Beatrice Egli stands by her self-love – pop singer wants to give other people hope

Although the Swiss woman was confronted with body shaming early on, she now stands above the unqualified, often irrelevant statements: “At some point it ‘clicked’ that these comments about my appearance had absolutely nothing to do with my skills and my role as a presenter to have. So today I can stand by myself and hopefully pass this kind of self-love on to many people as well.”

For Beatrice Egli it is clear that there is more than just a fixed ideal of beauty: “It would be boring if we all looked the same,” the pop singer says confidently. In her industry, the 2013 DSDS winner is by no means the only power woman: just recently, the new mom Christin Stark showed how she is already reconciling child and career. Sources used: watson.de