Pop star Bernhard Brink bursts because of Putin

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What do Vladimir Putin and Karl Lauterbach have in common? That’s right, Bernhard Brink doesn’t like either of them. At the “Schlagernacht des Jahres” in Berlin, the hit star shot sharply at the Russian President and the German Minister of Health. His fans react very mixed to Bernhard Brink’s hate speech.

Munich – Bernhard Brink has an opinion on many topics and doesn’t keep quiet about it. Whether Dieter Bohlen or Florian Silbereisen: they have all had to take a swipe from the hit star. At the “Schlagernacht des Jahres” in Berlin, Bernhard Brink (here all Schlager news on the topic page) hands out again and puts on a stage-ready freak out. The reason for his anger: Vladimir Putin and Karl Lauterbach.

Bernhard BrinkGerman pop singer and TV and radio presenter
Born17 May 1952 (age 70), Nordhorn
size1.80 m
spouseUte Brink (married 1987)

Pop stars like Helene Fischer have clear words for Russia – Bernhard Brink follows suit

Bombed cities, separated families and endless streams of refugees: Horrific news from Ukraine still reaches us every day. While some pop stars don’t want to express themselves politically, others have no problem getting involved or publicly speaking their minds. For example, Helene Fischer (the pop singer has already published everything) on ​​her stage comeback at the end of March.

While she didn’t name Russian President Vladimir Putin, her words were unequivocal: “I absolutely despise what is going on. Especially this one person, I think you know who I’m talking about.” Now Bernhard Brink is following suit and raging against Putin at the “Hit Night of the Year”.

“Should hit the shit when you shit”: Pop star Bernhard Brink bursts because of Putin

Actually, it was supposed to be a fun evening – and then Bernhard Brink swung the Putin Corona double club. Around 22,000 fans, Howard Carpendale, Jürgen Drews, Kerstin Ott and many other hit stars swayed in competition on Saturday (June 11, 2022). But before Bernhard Brink performs his hits, he has to get something off his chest.

Because it seems that the pop singer is not very good at talking to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “This little asshole in Russia should be hit when he shits,” Bernhard Brink yells into his microphone. But Vladimir Putin is not the only one on Bernhard Brink’s black list (the most successful German pop singer of all time).

Pop star Bernhard Brink shoots against Putin and Lauterbach – fans are surprised

That evening, the pop singer also has a bone to pick with Karl Lauterbach. The Federal Minister of Health gets on his nerves just as much. “Fuck Corona and when I see the Lauterbach, I could…” the hit star leaves the sentence hanging in the air.

There is applause on site for this verbal derailment, on the net the fans see Bernhard Brink’s freak out much more critically. “Does that have to be?” asks a fan on TikTok. “I’ll be careful not to comment on these words.
Sympathy playful,” she comments. “Was he drunk?” wrote a third TikTok user.

Bernhard Brink scolds Vladimir Putin and Karl Lauterbach on Saturday (June 11, 2022) at the
Bernhard Brink scolds Vladimir Putin and Karl Lauterbach on Saturday (June 11, 2022) at the “Schlagernacht des Jahres” in Berlin. His fans on TikTok are not enthusiastic about his statements, as these comments show. © TikTok/phileasfogg23

“Young talents are thrown away”: Bernhard Brink thunders against Florian Silbereisen and DSDS

Bernhard Brink is known for speaking his mind openly and honestly. Florian Silbereisen had to learn that too. Because Bernhard Brink doesn’t seem to think much of casting shows: At the “Kölner Treff”, the hit star openly criticizes the way the candidates are treated in “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” and Co. Sources used: YouTube/Maestro & TIkTok/phileasfogg23