Pop star Ella Endlich is pregnant for the first time – and shows a baby bump

The hit star announces his first pregnancy. But Ella Endlich also has to tell her fans less good news.

On Friday, Ella Endlich surprised her around 150,000 followers on Instagram with a very special photo. The singer poses in front of a window and has turned sideways to the photographer. She smiles at the camera. But one thing comes to the fore: Under the 38-year-old’s black dress, a clear baby bump bulges, which is emphasized by the tight-fitting fabric.

With her post, Ella Endlich announces that she is becoming a mother for the first time. “This incredibly great and now also quite visible happiness of being pregnant” throws her life a bit confused, she admits.

“Sometimes everything feels like it’s absolutely the right time and then – from a different perspective – it doesn’t,” writes the former DSDS juror. Because with the good news, she also has to announce a little disappointment for the fans: her planned “Star Swimmer Tour” will be cancelled. The concert series should start in Landau on March 9th and lead the pop star through all of Germany until May 20th.

A total of 20 concerts must now be canceled, but the tickets could be returned to the advance booking offices. But Ella Endlich wants to return to the stage soon. “It remains my great passion to give concerts for you with my band or my father and I hope to see you all again for the ‘Endlich Weihnachts Tour’ in December at the latest,” said the 38-year-old.

Baby happiness after love comeback

At the moment, however, she wants to “let it rest and enjoy the special magic”. The singer will keep the pregnancy as private as possible and asks her fans for their understanding. “But one thing should be said: Marius and I … we are happy,” she concludes her text and drops the next bomb. Because it looks like the “Let’s Dance” star is celebrating a love comeback with the ex.

After about a year of relationship, Ella Endlich announced the separation from media manager Marius Darschin in early 2020. But the two seem to have been going through life together again for at least a few months. The singer has not revealed when their child is to be born.