Pop star Emilija Wellrock loses father in Ukraine war: “Almost passed out from pain”

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Of: Jonas Erbas

Pop singer Emilija Wellrock is devastated: her father Mikhail died at the age of only 51 in a battle in the Ukraine war. The 29-year-old sadly reports on the fate of the man who fought for the well-being of his country and his family to the end.

Hamburg – Since the outbreak of the Ukraine war, Emilija Wellrock (29), whose family comes from the country that has been fought over since the end of February, has been experiencing anxious weeks. Now a world is collapsing for the pop singer (all hit news at a glance): Her father Michail, who was drafted in the course of the bloody conflict, fell at the front a few days ago.

Emilia WellrockPop singer, actress and dancer
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Emilija Wellrock devastated – her father Mikhail dies after a battle in eastern Ukraine

Emilija Wellrock has been shaking for weeks for the well-being of her family, now the feared catastrophe has occurred: like the pop singer Bild.de revealed, her father Mikhail was fatally injured in fighting in eastern Ukraine at the age of 51: “A projectile exploded next to him. His whole head was smashed,” said the 29-year-old.

The mechanic has already been buried, the burial took place in Suchodilsk in eastern Ukraine. “Unfortunately I wasn’t there. The journey would have been too dangerous. But I was able to send a voice message to his funeral service,” reported Emilija Wellrock.

Pop star Emilija Wellrock loses father in Ukraine war: “Almost passed out from pain”
“No war in the world is justified,” Emilija Wellrock clarified in her Instagram story early Wednesday afternoon (May 4) © Screenshot/Instagram/Emilija Wellrock

“Almost passed out from pain”: Pop star Emilija Wellrock loses father in Ukraine war

The 29-year-old is inconsolable in the face of this painful loss: “I almost passed out from the pain, sad, angry, angry. His death was so superfluous.” Emilija Wellrock had hoped to see her father again safely until the end: “He assured me that he didn’t have to fight and that it was only for training, but that he wouldn’t be sent to war untrained.”

Papa Michail did not only do his country a great service, but also his family, as the pop singer (the greatest German pop singer of all time) emphasized: “My father also gave his life for my brother. Because he wanted his son to be able to continue his IT studies. Through his service at the gun, my brother was the last male member of the family. And that’s why it wasn’t confiscated.”

Emilija Wellrock scolds the Ukraine war on Instagram – hit star opposes fake news

Early Wednesday afternoon, Emilija Wellrock spoke up on Instagram and, with a disappointed look, settled accounts with all those who are currently defending the Ukraine war on social networks: “No war in the world is justified and has no reason to kill masses of civilians, innocent people and Killing children,” complained the duet partner of pop star Vincent Gross (25; the stage names of the big pop stars and their real names).

“You have a responsibility,” warned the 29-year-old and asked her followers to critically “question things”. However, the young actress hoped that humanity would pull together in the future: “We have completely different problems on earth. We should take care of our mother earth. We treat them so badly and we don’t give a shit,” she openly criticized and lamented the ignorant attitude of many of her fellow human beings.

“Detest these people”: Helene Fischer in tears – Schlagerqueen publicly scolds Putin

Emilija Wellrock receives tailwind for her criticism from her best-known hit colleague: At a concert a few weeks ago, Helene Fischer already publicly complained about Putin and his war. Sources used: bild.de, instagram.com/emilijawellrock