Pop star Inka Bause was hit and bullied in childhood

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Inka Bause revels in childhood memories in her old hometown of Leipzig. The pop singer also has to think about moving to Berlin and the nasty bullying attacks of her new classmates.

Leipzig – “Riverboat” celebrates its birthday: To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the MDR talk show, Kim Fischer and Jörg Kachelmann look back on “great moments, great guests” and “very special actions”, as the homepage says. Inka Bause is also there and pays a visit to her old house. The pop star (here all the news on the topic page) remembers her childhood, the record and the move to Berlin, as reported by tz.de.

Inka BauseGerman pop singer, TV presenter and actress
BornNovember 21, 1968 (age 53), Leipzig
spouseHendrik Bruch (married 1996–2005)

Hit star Inka Bause back in the Leipzig prefabricated building: moving to East Berlin was difficult

Inka Bause (all information about the TV presenter) not only moderates, she also sings and appears regularly in the big hit shows – she is also a regular guest on the MDR Riverboat. Because every visit to Jörg Kachelmann and Kim Fisher is also a home visit for them. Now, for the talk show’s 30th anniversary, she’s looking back on her past — the first six years of her life, to be precise — and visiting her old home.

When she visits her old homeland, she can’t stop grinning, and she also remembers the dialect. “If I’m in Leipzig for a few days, I’ll start playing Saxons again straight away. I’m back in there straight away,” says the TV presenter in a good mood. But precisely because of her Saxon dialect, Inka Bause was later bullied at school in Berlin.

Pop star Inka Bause was hit and bullied in childhood
Inka Bause visits her old home in Leipzig and talks about her school days in Berlin © Screenshot MDR/Riverboat

Because of her Saxon dialect: Inka Bause was bullied and beaten at school

Inka Bause was born in Leipzig, lived there for six years and went to kindergarten there, but later she moved to East Berlin with her family. The move wasn’t easy for her and the children at school didn’t necessarily make her life any easier either, as she now tells in the Riverboat interview.

“When I was in Berlin, when I started school and after the first lesson, almost during the first break, I and my sisters were beaten up like that because, as is well known, Berliners didn’t like the Saxons in the GDR.”the pop singer remembers her school days.

Inka Bause gave up her dialect after being bullied at school

In order to avoid the bullying and the beatings, Inka Bause and her sister quickly adapted and tried to discard their dialect: “Of course we spoke Berliners the day after.” Her mother was desperate for the two, she finally says.

In order to make the journey through time to her old homeland perfect, Inka Bause visited her former neighbor Birgit, who still lives in the same apartment as before. “Everything is the same as before. You don’t know whether you should find it beautiful or not,” she jokes.

Because of love life: Inka Bause bursts her collar on breakfast television

Inka Bause loves to talk about her old home and her professional life. She largely keeps her love life out of the public eye. She’s tired of the endless questioning about her relationships. The pop singer is now bursting at the breakfast television.

Sources used: MDR/Riverboat