Pop star Jürgen Drews survives a dangerous frontal crash

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Of: Jonas Erbas

Jürgen Drews seems to have a guardian angel: on the way to a concert, the hit star was crashed by another car in his car at the beginning of his career. Although he was bleeding “like a pig” from the accident, the 77-year-old escaped worse.

Darmstadt – In the course of his career, Jürgen Drews (77) has experienced a lot – both positive and negative: In the 1970s, when the pop star was still at the very beginning of his career, the interpreter of “Ein Bett im Kornfeld” narrowly escaped a catastrophe. Another driver had disobeyed the right of way rules and put the 77-year-old’s life in danger!

Jürgen Drews involved in a car accident – ​​hit star bled “like a pig”

In Darmstadt, the young Jürgen Drews was once on his way to a concert in his red VW Beetle convertible when suddenly there was a crash: another car had given the hit star the right of way and collided head-on with his car.

Pop star Jürgen Drews survives a dangerous frontal crash
Pop star Jürgen Drews had a soft spot for beautiful cars from a young age, but an accident at the beginning of his career almost cost him his life © teutopress/Imago

“She [die Fahrerin; Anm.d.Red] it’s right in front of me, from the side, it’s just over the traffic light. I couldn’t see anything anymore because the whole bonnet had lifted up. I myself hit the left side of the window with the left side of my head, bled like a pig, but luckily I didn’t faint. I haven’t had a concussion or fractured the base of my skull.”Jürgen Drews remembers the frontal crash in the new “Des König’s new podcast” edition.

Jürgen Drews suffered a head injury after a frontal crash – the hit star had to be stitched up

Although Jürgen Drews got off relatively lightly, the hit star had to be taken to the hospital because of a gaping wound on his head. His injury was finally sewn up without anesthesia – but the 77-year-old felt nothing: “You are still in shock and you don’t feel any pain when you are in shock. I did not notice anything.”

It is very fortunate that the “King of Mallorca” did not suffer any permanent damage. His career really took off a little later – however, his wife Ramona (48) initially objected to Jürgen Drews’ famous nickname, as the musician recently revealed. Sources used: The king’s new podcast