Pop star Madonna asks for an audience with the Pope

Madonna wants to meet the Pope

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There are important things to discuss, so superstar Madonna in the direction of Pope Francis.

from Lisa Trompisch

super star Madonna describes herself as a good Catholic, now she wants to meet the Pope. She asks the Pope via Twitter Francis for an audience.

“I’m a good Catholic, I swear. It’s been a few decades since I last went to confession. Would it be possible for us to meet someday to discuss a few important things? I became overall excommunicated three times just doesn’t seem fair to me. Sincerely, Madonna,” she tweeted.

The superstar was not always in the favor of the church, for example, in 1989 she released the video for the song “Like A Prayer”, in which religious symbols played an important role. At the time, the Vatican condemned the frivolous use of crosses and ecclesiastical props purely for entertainment purposes.

After the birth of her daughter Lourdes (1996), the Kabbalah teachings (mystical tradition of Judaism) to their religion, yet they should be loud viply.de regularly attend Catholic services.

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