Pop star Marie Reim sweats in bed with her boyfriend despite her bikini

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Pop star Marie Reim sweats in bed with her boyfriend despite her bikini
Marie Reim is currently vacationing in the Caribbean with her boyfriend. (Photo collage) © Screenshots Instagram/mariereim_official

Marie Reim and her boyfriend are vacationing in the Caribbean. As soon as the sun comes out in the morning, it quickly gets very warm there. Best weather to hop straight into your bikini and relax by the pool.

Caribbean – Marie Reim (21; everything on the topic page) is taking a break in the Caribbean. Together with her boyfriend, she takes her followers on Instagram with her on vacation. It’s so warm on site that Matthias Reim’s (64) daughter can slip into a bikini in the morning.

High temperatures in the morning: Marie Reim with a friend on a Caribbean vacation

After 11 hours of flight time, the couple arrives at their holiday destination. The next morning, the pop singer shares a video of herself lying in bed in a leopard print bikini with her boyfriend in shorts in the background.

She says: “So, dear ones. It’s now nine o’clock and already 27 degrees. We’ve been awake since seven o’clock because of the time difference.” Since seven o’clock it has been “simply hot since the sun is out. Incredible”. The solution: “I think we’re going to the pool or the sea, we’ll see,” says Marie Reim.

Marie Reim in a bikini in bed

In the following story it becomes clear what it has become: the pool. The 21-year-old relaxes with her boyfriend on the sun loungers by the water.

Marie Reim recently shared a picture of her dog Carla. The four-legged friend suddenly didn’t look quite so fluffy anymore. Blame it all on Michelle. Sources used: instagram.com/mariereim_official