Pop star Nino de Angelo surprises fans with a Mucki picture

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Nino de Angelo published a more than interesting picture on Instagram. Apparently Photoshop was at work.

Wertach – Nino de Angelo (59) is always good for a surprise. The pop singer has gone through some difficult times in his career. Alcohol and drugs brought him to the edge of his existence, and some time ago he announced that he had given up stimulants. But just recently, Nino was spotted again with a glass in his hand. His answer: He wants to enjoy life as long as he can. With a new Instagram post, the “Out of Eden” hitmaker is now making reference to his relationship with alcohol.

In the black and white image, Nino de Angelo is seen shirtless on the beach. With a serious expression on his face and dark sunglasses, he strides towards the camera, his muscular body glowing in the sun. But wait a minute — is that actually Nino de Angelo? After a short look at the photo, it is noticeable that the stature of the man depicted, in contrast to his face, does not match the hit star’s body at all. Apparently Photoshop helped!

Nino de Angelo jokes about his alcohol addiction in his Instagram post

Nino de Angelo was probably also aware that he would not really fool anyone with the fake beach snapshot. The caption of the Instagram post is all the more ironic: “About alcohol, alcohol, alcohol … I’m full of juice again!” The place where the photo was taken according to Nino’s official Instagram account also speaks volumes: Supposedly it lasts the pop singer in the “Betty Ford Clinic” for addicts. Does that correspond to the truth?

At least his fans know how to take the post with humor. For example, a follower comments “You want the body” under the post. Another writes: “Nanana … Photoshop makes it possible!” With his sarcastic Insta update, Nino de Angelo is well received!