Pop stars like Helene Fischer or Florian Silbereisen are silent

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Of: Lisa Klugmayer

Many pop stars help people in Ukraine where they can. Some drive to the border, others donate music proceeds or help with encouraging words. But of all people, Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen, two of the biggest names in the industry, are adamant.

Munich – Bombed cities, separated families and endless streams of refugees: new horror news from Ukraine reaches us every day. Many hit stars (here all news on the topic page) are now impressive with their willingness to help these people. Some collect donations, others drive to the border and personally fetch refugees to Germany or organize donation concerts. But of all things, you hear absolutely nothing from the really big names like Helene Fischer or Florian Silbereisen – not even a public expression of condolences.

Florian SilbereisenGerman showmaster, pop singer, actor and juror.
BornAugust 4, 1981 (age 40), Tiefenbach
size1.83 m
music groupClubbb3 (Since 2015)

Not a word about the war in Ukraine: pop stars like Helene Fischer or Florian Silbereisen are silent

Refugee transports, donations in kind, donation concerts, benefit singles or at least touching words: the Instagram accounts of the German-speaking hit stars reflect how much they sympathize with the Ukrainian population. Striking: Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer have not lost a single word about the current situation.

However, the two have never been known for being particularly political. And neither Florian Silbereisen nor Helene Fischer is particularly active on social networks either. Flori occasionally posts some Instagram content, but only to promote one of his hit shows or to draw attention to the current DSDS episode.

Pop stars like Helene Fischer or Florian Silbereisen are silent
DSDS in the ratings low: does the show fly with Florian Silbereisen on RTL? © RTL/Stefan Gregorowius

Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer are silent on the Ukraine war: help

There has been a yawning emptiness on Helene Fischer’s Instagram account (the most successful German pop singer of all time) for a few months. The pop singer’s PR team publishes sporadic musical news, but the last post that was actually written by her personally was the teaser of her Vox documentary “15 years in the rush of success”. So also a promo video.

Why are Germany’s two biggest hit stars silent about the Ukraine war? The actual reasons probably only know the two. But it is also clear that everyone deals with conflict situations differently. Just because Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen don’t help publicly doesn’t mean they don’t help at all.

Ikke Hipgold, Inka Bause, Marianne Rosenberg and Andrea Berg: These pop stars help publicly

Other hit stars like to publicly show their frustration and helpfulness. Ballermann star Ikke Hipgold drove to Poland in a convoy to help Ukrainian refugees. “We have already been promised more than 1000 beds,” said Hip Gold to the dpa. “Incredibly” many of his fans are willing to temporarily take in refugees at home.

Inka Bause also lends a hand and demonstrates in Berlin for peace. Marianne Rosenberg donates all proceeds from her benefit single “Little White Peace Dove” to Ukraine. And Andrea Berg at least expresses her sympathy for the current situation publicly with her fans. She wrote on Instagram: “Deep down I’m really desperate and sad. The thoughts, news, images and fates from the war zones just won’t let me go”.

“Have to provide distraction”: Roland Kaiser does not want to cancel his concerts despite the Ukraine war

Roland Kaiser doesn’t think it’s a good idea to cancel his concerts in the current situation. After all, entertainers like him have a duty to help people switch off. “We also have to provide distraction,” said the hit star.

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