Portento honors Florian Schneider – The Sun Post

When the pandemic began, the electronic scene fired one of its greatest creators, Florian Schneider, a founding member of Kraftwerk and one of the fathers of this musical style. Based on the last material that the musician left behind, the Portento collective began to compose a song stop pollutiona single that gives its name to their most recent album and with which they honor it.

“When we started recording it, it started as a tribute to Florian Schneider, his last solo work was a very Kraftwerk-style track and as a tribute we began to play with this idea and this concept. When we saw what it was becoming, we felt like making a whole record”, says Chilean Ángelo Gordillo, founder of Portento.

stop pollution It is an album that brings together the elements of electropop that are key for its members. With Roberto Collio as producer, the collective has sought to represent the favorite sounds for its musicians, who are not guided by musical trends to create their own.

“As we are an underground group we don’t have any kind of commercial expectations. The only pressure we have is to have no pressure. And what we are looking for is to experiment and count, with what we like first, so that eventually the public likes it”, comments the musician.

Although electropop has had a new boom in the industry due to the mixture of genres such as urban, Ángelo Gordillo confesses that his music is not measured by the popularity charts and that his link with the commercial is limited to playlists. of digital platforms.

“I don’t listen to a lot of music in general. Except when they put us on the emerging music charts. That makes me curious to know with whom they mix us. Roberto and I are already on the fourth floor (of age) so our musical idea is already half vintage and it shows in our sound”.

Listening to these songs has allowed them to realize that they are “not as out of the game” as they might think. But the truth is that the route of commercial music is headed in another direction that does not entirely interest Portento.

“The other day I was listening to Bad Bunny, who is the most listened to in the world, it made me curious because I had never heard him and I saw that at the end of a song (Yonaguni) sings in Japanese. It is not something that would have occurred to us, but I can understand that its style and theme is attractive to other generations.”

Portento will present for the first time live the songs of Stop Pollution at the Totalplay Forum this Saturday; an album they made thanks to the contributions of their fans in a crowdfunding.

“In July of last year we were able to perform on this same stage, after months closed due to the pandemic. So for us it is a great achievement. Every time we take one more step and it feels normal”.