“potomitan” by Benchetrit, “from the same rink, the same swimming pool”

“The most beautiful person I have met”, “A direct line to the stars” … Vanessa Paradis and Samuel Benchetrit are crazy for each other and proved it again in “Daily” this September 20th.

It’s a Divine Idyll that lasts. Between Vanessa Paradis and Samuel Benchetrit, love visibly rhymes with fiery declarations … Asked for his portrait in Release, the director did not hide all his admiration for the one who married in 2018. She is the most beautiful person I have ever met “, he said about the pretty singer humble, benevolent, very well brought up ”. In love since 2016, the 48-year-old filmmaker and actress have mastered their differences to make them a complementary force, in the city as well as on the stage. If Samuel Benchetrit ensures “go fast, do not insist not to be in the labor”, he describes his sweetheart as “clear, precise, hard worker“…. Since their collaboration in This Music Doesn’t Play For Anyone, in theaters on September 29, Vanessa Paradis has also become the “potomitan of his last films”. Proof that opposites sometimes attract each other like magnets!

Vanessa Paradis and Samuel Benchetrit grew up next door

Both guests on the show Day-to-day on TMC September 20 for the play Mom, directed by Samuel Benchetrit with Vanessa Paradis headlining, the lovers revealed that they had grown up not far from each other, him to Champigny and she at Villiers-sur-Marne, in the Val de Marne.
As children, they therefore lived in the same places …. A sign that already predestined the radiant future of their love? “We were in the same ice rink, the same swimming pool“, Lily-Rose and Jack Depp’s mother said, to which Marie Trintignant’s ex-companion added: “We went back elsewhere. I took Vanessa to the Champigny ice rink three years ago. Monday afternoon “.

Accomplices on the set, the two stars then exchanged sweet words, like definitions in the dictionary. An exercise that really pleased the lovebirds! Thus, Samuel Benchetrit cited his muse as a “French singer and actress. She is a mirror in which people find themselves good and beautiful. She has a direct line to the stars “, while the actress sees her companion as a “French writer, director, author, composer. He has the gift of revealing beauty, tenderness, poetry and humour people and situations like no other “.

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