Predator: Watch the trailer for Prey, the new movie from 20th Century Studios and Star+ rmmn | SHOWS

To the delight of fans of this mythical saga, 20th Century Studios released the first trailer for Prey, the new film in the Predator saga, which will be broadcast on the Star+ streaming platform.

The story of this new cinematographic delivery will be set in the 16th century when the United States was just being formed, that is, in the first period of European colonization, when the Native Americans dominated those lands.

The intense and brief trailer leaves fans of the film wanting to see more, something they can do through Star+ Latin America on August 5. In addition, the film will star the Comanche tribe who will be persecuted by a hunter from another galaxy and who surpasses them in capabilities and technology, thanks to their weapons from another generation.

Despite everything, the Comanche warriors will fight and a worthy rival will be among them, it will be none other than an agile and intelligent hunter named Naru, a character played by Amber Midthunder, who will fight him.

The film, which will have overtones of suspense, is directed by renowned director, Dan Trachtenberg, who made 10 Cloverfield Lane and Patrick Aison is the screenwriter of this film who promises not to disappoint his fans.


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Melissa Paredes: “It crossed my mind to finish with Anthony Aranda.”