Pregnant Kim Gloss annoyed by sayings like “You’re about to burst”

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Pregnant Kim Gloss annoyed by sayings like “You’re about to burst”
Kim Gloss is fed up with comments about her pregnancy body (photomontage) © Screenshot/Instagram/Kim Gloss

Unnecessary sayings about her baby bump: Kim Gloss is annoyed by insensitive statements about her pregnancy ball. The mom-to-be will soon be holding her child in her arms.

Berlin – Annoying comments shortly before the birth: Kim Gloss (29) comments on the insensitive sayings that she often has to listen to about her baby bump. The influencer is currently expecting her second child, which is her first baby together with her husband Alexander Beliaikin (36).

Through her social media accounts, the beauty has been keeping her followers up to speed on her everyday life as a pregnant woman over the past few months, revealing that she’s enjoying her pregnancy except for a few things. In her Instagram stories, the mom-to-be now spoke openly about the fact that she is now annoyed that some people keep asking about her growing baby ball. The unnecessary sayings that you often hear are statements like: “You’re about to burst. Those are twins. But not that the amniotic sac will burst immediately.” Because of such comments, she is now even considering not leaving her house until she gives birth.

Kim Gloss annoyed by jokes about her pregnancy

The pregnant socialite added that such jokes about her baby bump weren’t necessary and she just couldn’t take the statements anymore. “At first I thought it was funny too. […] It’s not meant badly, but it’s annoying and I don’t feel like these sayings anymore,” explained the beauty, visibly annoyed. However, it shouldn’t be long now before the star welcomes her baby daughter into the world – and the sayings will be a thing of the past!