Pregnant with her 13th child, here is what she receives in family allowances

speaker of sound thirteenth child, Cheryl is 34 years old. Her twelve toddlers already entitle her to quite substantial family allowances. But in this large family, there is not only that which is extraordinary. Their daily life is probably very different from yours. Imagine doing your shopping for the week for twelve children and pregnant!

You may have heard of it recently. This family like no other depends solely on family allowances to live. Indeed, the mother takes care of her twelve children full time and her companion is unemployed. Enough to trigger discontent taxpayers! A few days ago, the parents of this great sibling spoke in the press. Wishing to evoke their daily life, they unfortunately collected many strong reviews from internet users.

Cheryl fell in love a few months ago

Currently pregnant with her thirteenth child, Cheryl fell for her husband only a few months ago. Lee Ball is younger since he is only 29 years old. Soon after meeting, the couple decided to have a baby. This decision may seem surprising, even unconscious, since the future dad is unemployed and the mother is already taking care of twelve children. Also, Lee Ball already has a daughter from a previous relationship.

Some Internet users speak of a real business when they talk about how this family lives. Indeed, family allowances would bring them 47,000 euros. This colossal sum is paid to them by the British State.

For Internet users, this situation is incomprehensible and unacceptable. As for the parents, they tried to justify themselves by responding directly to their detractors.

She is about to give birth to her thirteenth child

The newspapers reveal that when her thirteenth child arrives, this mother will receive 834 euros extra per year. It will also benefit from a tax reduction of approximately 4,000 euros. Even more surprising, his thirteen children are from three different fathers. Her eldest son is now 17 years old. She had it with her first husband. Six more followed. With her second husband, Cheryl gave birth to six children including twins.

“I’m addicted to babies. I want to have one as soon as possible. It’s nobody’s business, I can have as many babies as I want. she explained before adding: “The aid that I receive from the state was created for this purpose. Why can’t I take advantage of it properly? » That is what is said. It seems that this mother of thirteen children has no scruples to receive such large family allowances. In addition, this statement portends the arrival of other children…

If they decide to expand their family even further, Cheryl and Lee Ball again risk receiving strong criticism. But this “baby addict” mom seems determined to satisfy her maternity wishes. No offense to Internet users, she will continue to support her whole family with the money paid by the State as part of family allowances.