Pregnant with her second child, Lou Doillon shares a poetic video of her rounded belly

Lou Doillon shared a poetic video on his Instagram account. Abaca

The 39-year-old singer split a post on her Instagram account on Friday March 18 to reveal her second pregnancy, 20 years after the birth of her son Marlowe.

“Oops, I did it again,” she wrote on social media. Twenty years after the birth of her son Marlowe, the 39-year-old singer is expecting her second child. The latter split a poetic video shared on her Instagram account, Friday, March 18, to announce the happy event to her fans. A video of which only she has the secret, between sweetness and glamour, taken in selfie in the privacy of her apartment.

As usual, Lou Doillon garlanded herself with materials found on hand. But this time, a semi-transparent white tulle ribbon serves as a symbol of its announcement. Placed under her raised arms, it nicely hides her chest and reveals the rounded belly of Lou Doillon that the latter waddles, staring into the lens.

“A little butterfly is coming”

In legend, the mother of Marlowe Jack Tiger (born of her union with the musician Thomas John Mitchell), accompanies her text with a poem, of the most evocative, of the American poetess Sylvia Plath, entitled In Bloom (Hatching). Then, the interpreter of Soliloquy captioned his hashtag missive: #oupsididitagain. A post that was quick to react to its subscribers. “A little butterfly is coming”, “Congratulations to the new mom! It’s beautiful!”, can we read in the comments. Very discreet about her private life, the singer did not reveal the identity of the father of her second child.