Premiere at 95: A photo of the Queen adorns the “Vogue” cover

First at the age of 95
A photo of the Queen graces the cover of Vogue

There’s always a first time. Even in a life that has already lasted 95 years. The British “Vogue” magazine is now showing a photo of the Queen on its cover for the first time. Meanwhile, Elizabeth II presents herself in public again – with a walking stick.

Queen Elizabeth II can be seen on the new cover of British “Vogue”. On the occasion of her 70th anniversary of the throne, the fashion magazine honors the monarch in the April issue with a cover story including a cover photo.

It is the first time that the Queen has appeared on the cover of the magazine in the form of a photograph. The cover photo was photographed in 1957 by Antony Armstrong Jones, then husband of her sister Princess Margaret. It shows the young queen at the age of 31. Previously, Vogue had twice featured the Queen in the form of illustrations on the cover: in 1947 on the occasion of her marriage to Prince Philip and in 1977 for her Silver Jubilee.

“The Queen is just ten years younger than Vogue itself,” reads the magazine’s article. She is one of the “most photographed women in the world” and one of the “steadiest faces in the pages of this magazine”. Pictures of her as a one-year-old were first published in British “Vogue” in 1927. Numerous recordings of royal weddings and many anniversaries followed.

Reception at Windsor Castle

On the other hand, Elizabeth II could be seen in the flesh again at Windsor Castle. After her corona infection and numerous appointment cancellations, she received a larger number of guests on her property for the first time.

Beaming, the monarch welcomed the guests and appeared cheerful and interested in the individual conversations. Always in her hand: a noble walking stick, on which she leaned for a few moments.

The British Queen welcomed, among others, the boss of the famous porcelain and enamel manufacturer Halcyon Days, Pamela Harper, and her spouse. The royal family has been supplied by the traditional company from Knightsbridge for decades. An already planned meeting in 2020 for the 70th company anniversary was canceled at the time due to the corona pandemic.

On the throne since February 6, 1952


The Queen held on to her cane as she received various guests.

(Photo: IMAGO/i Images)

The Queen wore a white floral dress and a black handbag. To get a better look at some luxurious artworks, she resorted to half-moon glasses. The Queen is expected to make her next public appearance next Tuesday at the memorial service in honor of her late husband, Prince Philip, at Westminster Abbey.

Queen Elizabeth II, who celebrates her 96th birthday in April, has been on the British throne since February 6, 1952 – longer than any monarch before. The culmination of their platinum anniversary celebrations will be the days of June 2-5.