Premiere on day 8 in the jungle: “When you are afraid, I can help”

Djamila is finally no longer lonely, the argument between Tessa and Cecilia escalates and there is a premiere coming up that has never happened in 15 seasons. In addition, the first expulsion is carried out. And that causes shocked faces and a lot of tears.

Dramas, premieres and remmidemmi: On day 8, the jungle camp brings out the hard artillery. Certainly also because at night some imaginary little people roam around the beds of the campers, of which Lucas is firmly of the opinion: “It was 100 percent a ghost.” The jungle hoses and lets the first feathers. So our Djamila is insidiously visited by an armada of frogs and then a giant spider crawls through the camp. It is best to trust frog hunter Gigi! The man with “the hard shell and the soft core” delivers the slogan that will soon be on thousands of jute bags and T-shirts in this republic: “When you’re afraid, I can help.”

“Fear” is almost constant on day 8. But not in front of the cute crawling creatures. Every morning, for example, our Tessa feverishly awaits her fags, but when they are suddenly not on the man or woman because they squander themselves, the great clamor and murder begins. You’re already switching to a bit of draft. Because in the jungle camp it is actually so beautiful and peaceful. Even if, as Djamila thinks, you live there more than you live. In addition, balm for the soul of the Berliner: She is happy that she is finally no longer lonely there.

During the joint night watch with Tessa, the two chat about their past. Djamila tells about the narcissistic abuse of an ex-partner and her fear of recommitting. At the same time, there is also this longing to find a new love. All these scars from life, we all have them – some superficial, some deeper. When she finally talks about her time in the home, Tessa suddenly says that she was severely abused as a child.

Words like “child abuse” and “unloving parents” are used, and the longer the descriptions go on, the less comfortable the viewer becomes listening to it all. Basically, trigger warnings should be set before such hard stuff.

“Turn right, turn right, straight ahead”

Let’s take a look at the positive. Mrs. Rowe really thrives at camp. It’s the little gestures that show you genuinely care. Claudia speaks to her almost motherly on her lips. But please don’t be too motherly, dear Claudia! Gigi and Cosi are grown men who don’t need to be disciplined by you! In addition, after Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, the two are the best Italo duo ever and an absolute win for this season. We see the proof in the “Grand Prix of Murwillumbah”.

While the camp mom is still whistling about not wanting to take an exam three times in a row and “deliver it”, Gigi and Cosimo are already making a program. Dancing, singing, entertainment. It seems that the two know exactly what the people in front of the end devices expect from them. And Claudia? She only sees “two twelve-year-olds”. Yes, but the “don’t babble” who deliver.

The most popular test “ever ever” celebrates its premiere in the 16th season for the first time. Unforgettable the funny scenes with Thorsten Legat, Jürgen Milski and Menderes Bağcı in the convertible buggy. At that time, the course failed because “one was on the right of the other on the left.” This time Claudia is the blind driver, the mute Gigi sits in the back and directs the non-hearing Cosi. “Turn right, turn right, turn right, straight ahead.”

“Sister, everything is fine”

Claudia, highly focused and following the instructions, is undeterred when Schlotze is poured over the trio. And hello! Can we please state how terribly contagious Gigi’s loud puke is? But the three harmonize perfectly and earn seven stars – a premiere. Sonja applauds: “Nobody has ever brought stars home with them in this test”.

However, Ms. Effenberg cannot rejoice fervently with her companions, and so she joins in the joyful dance only cautiously. End of the song: Claudia gets carried away and – Patsch! – she suddenly lands in the bushes like someone who has drunk too much at the Oktoberfest. But yeah, Claudia, you’re kind of right when you thought out loud, “Apparently the audience wants to see me because I was too good yesterday.”

Jungle camp on TV

“I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” can be seen daily at 10:15 p.m. on RTL, on Fridays at 9:30 p.m. And of course the show is also available on RTL+.

Cecilia and Tessa’s attempt to assume that they could rip something together on a treasure hunt was too good. Especially not when “scientific” is required. We can shorten the whole thing here: The treasure hunt fails. But hey, “Sister, it’s fine”, “Baby, we tried it.” One wonders a bit whether the ensuing row would have also taken place if the treasure mission had been crowned with success.

Cecilia asks Tessa to stop addressing her as “sister” and “baby”: “We don’t know each other well, we’re not friends.” The battle of words builds up within seconds. First Tessa wants to accept Cecilia’s wish, although she didn’t mean it badly and “only lovingly”. But then she finds Cecilia too aggressive. She, in turn, sees Tessa as a woman with “two faces”.

“She yelled at the top of her lungs”

Tessa, the mother of two daughters, screams in rage: “Who are you to criticize me? Please distance yourself, talk to yourself. It’s enough! Go away and leave me alone.” Or as Lucas reflects on the situation: “She screamed at the top of her lungs.” Respect works best when it comes from both sides.

Later that very emotional day, Cecilia and her best buddy Gigi sit around the campfire and reflect on how much their stay at the camp has changed. Both see that they underestimated the format. Normally, according to Cecilia, she would have become aggressive with Tessa. Instead, she just thought, “Huh?” Perhaps there is a curse on the camp and “magic girl” Jana has bewitched everyone, Gigi thinks. Because he is also much more with himself. He often thinks: “Shut up, you fish!” But then he stays quiet.

It will also be quiet around Verena in the future. The “pearl” of ex-jungle king Marc Terenzi has to give up the sails first. A shock, because everyone thought the voting was only about the selection for the next jungle test. Only Gigi saw through our RTL immediately. After all, you can’t tell a bear to a fox.