premiere, where to see and what the documentary about Jennifer Lopez is about

Netflix has just released the Halftime documentary that intimately portrays one of today’s most important international stars, Jennifer Lopez.

“Global superstar Jennifer Lopez discusses her multifaceted career and the pressures of life in the spotlight in this intimate documentary,” reads Netflix’s official synopsis.

The documentary is now available on Netflix.

“Medio Tiempo” (as the title is translated in Spanish) alludes not only to the show that Lopez starred in with Shakira in the 2020 Super Bowl but also to the 50 years that the artist was at that time, for her: “the medium of the road.”

At that time, JLo was also excited to be nominated for an Oscar for her movie Hustlers, something that never came. This situation is shown in the documentary and hints at the number of times that JLo is about to achieve what she wants but she does not get it. The same thing happened with the Super Bowl Halftime Show where she had to share the stage in a few minutes with another Latin mega star, an idea that for JLo was “the worst in history” since according to her it was a few minutes for both could shine and give a show with “substance”.

The documentary also mentions her new old flame, Ben Affleck, albeit briefly as JLo was interested in talking more about her persona behind the star than gossip.