Premium of 150 euros thanks to the mobilization, the people concerned

The inflation bonus is part of the purchasing power bill discussed in parliament this summer 2022. It should also be a question of the increase in the index point of civil servants, the revaluation of social benefits and pensions, the abolition of the television license fee, etc. There are many measures aimed at improving the purchasing power of the French. And this bill entitled “Emergency measures for the protection of purchasing power” will be presented to the Council of Ministers in a few days. Then it will be discussed before being adopted in Parliament. This institution will also take the time to examine an amending finance bill for the year 2022. In this article, we give you more details concerning the bonus which may be paid to you at the start of the school year.

The inflation bonus, a measure that imposes eligibility conditions

This boost is more than welcome in the current situation. Inflation has taken hold in our country, leading to a sharp drop in purchasing power. According to INSEE in June 2022, it reached +5.8% in one year. Faced with a more than worrying economic situation, the government has agreed to provide emergency food aid as soon as the school year begins. This bonus will be offered to 9 million households. Its amount was recently announced: 100 euros per household. But that’s not all, 50 euros will be added per child. Please note that not everyone will benefit from this boost. Indeed, only households that benefit from certain social benefits are concerned. Namely: the AAH, the RSA, the APL and the minimum old age.

This inflation bonus is integrated into the law for purchasing power. It will therefore be presented to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday July 6. Then it will be submitted to Parliament. The payment of this financial aid is scheduled for the start of the school year, but we do not yet know the exact date.

An economic situation that prompted the government to take measures

With the economic recovery following the health crisis, consumer prices have taken a huge leap. With the war between Ukraine and Russia, inflation has increased, weakening the financial situation of millions of French people. Following the conflict, raw materials soared and supply difficulties led to shortages. Faced with this delicate situation that does not bode well for any improvement, the government has been forced to put in place a set of measures. First there was the inflation allowance paid to 38 million French people. The eligibility condition was as follows: receive less than 2,000 euros net per month before deduction at source. There was also the price shield, the purpose of which was to limit soaring energy prices.

The 2022 inflation bonus, for whom?

The inflation bonus of 100 euros plus 50 euros per child will be paid at the start of the school year to all beneficiaries of the following allowances: RSA, APL, AAH and ASPA. For this aid, the amount of the reference taxable income is not taken into account. To sum up, a family made up of two adults and a child who benefits from one of these social aids will receive 150 euros of inflation premium.

Will the inflation bonus benefit retirees?

Yes, retirees will be able to benefit from the inflation bonus. But there is one condition: they must receive the minimum old age, the ASPA. Namely, retired workers benefit from another advantage from July 1: the retirement pension is increased by 4% and this measure is retroactive.

One thing is certain, all measures aimed at helping the French to cope with soaring prices will be welcome. Especially since many households have been forced to give up on their summer vacation or review their plans for lack of resources. Indeed, the budget allocated to long holidays has greatly decreased for many households. Among those who will have the chance to leave, they have chosen closer destinations and less expensive activities. It remains to be hoped that the Covid will keep quiet so that everyone can take full advantage of their weeks off.