Presenter of ‘I know everything’ Manuela Cardona almost died in childbirth

Manuela Cardona, who married the singer Alejandro González when she worked at Caracol Televisión, had a short stint on “I know everything” in 2022, where she shared with Elianis Garrido and Ariel Osorio.

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Precisely in that program, the presenter told the viewers that, after two years of marriage, she was expecting her first baby, so she was overjoyed.

Everything seemed to be going normally. She was happy with her pregnancy on social networks and even gave some advice to control back pain and take care of the skin at that stage, as can be seen in this video:

Nevertheless, It seems everything got complicated.

Manuela Cardona, former presenter of ‘I know everything’, almost died in childbirth of her baby

According to Ariel Osorio, Cardona was “literally on the verge of death” because he presented severe preeclampsia, which developed Hellp syndrome, which is life-threatening.

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This syndrome, indicates ‘Stanford Medicine’, causes “the breakdown of red blood cells. It also causes liver, bleeding, and blood pressure problems.”

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To the presenter of Channel 1 also It caused him a multi-system failure, problems with his kidneys and liver.

“The baby had to come out yes or yes to be able to stabilize her,” added Mafe Romero.

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After giving birth, Cardona had to spend more than 15 days hospitalized and several of them in intensive careindicated the Channel 1 program.

Fortunately, she is already in her recovered home, enjoying her baby —a boy—, who was born in perfect condition.

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Neither the presenter nor her husband have spoken about the hard process they had to go through.