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If there is any artist who is at her best moment, that is Rihanna. After confirming her first Oscar nomination and her performance at halftime for Super Bowl LVII, the Barbadian singer once again monopolizes the front pages of international media due to the unusual statement offered by a priest on TikTok, who stated that he was “tortured” in hell with one of his singles.

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Rihanna has been characterized by speaking on stage and not responding to criticism about her music, appearance, or her motherhood; However, this time she may be the exception after what was said by a priest.

His name is Gerald Johnson and, according to what he says in a video for TikTok, he “died” for a few seconds in 2016 after suffering a heart attack and “traveled” to the underworld in that short period of time.

The priest claimed that he hoped to go to heaven, but when he opened his eyes he realized that he was in the underworld. However, that was not the most salient thing he said on the recording.

The preacher assured that he ended up descending into darkness, where he witnessed all kinds of pain and remembers how they tortured him so that he remembers all the sins committed on earth.

What kind of torture? According to Johnson, she heard a chorus of demons singing one of Rihanna’s biggest hits, “Umbrella” to be more precise.

No right to comment

Finally, the priest stated that he “would not wish this type of torture on anyone” and to avoid reading criticism or foolish messages, he deactivated the comments on the video uploaded to TikTok. Will the world celebrity respond?

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